Crazy Rich Asian Book Tour at Fully Booked

And how having an image consultant is the new black for new china rich!

2 years ago, I’ve started travelling to different parts of Asia, which I really love. Visiting different places, started from touristic places, going to the most luxurious places and I’ve very blessed and thankful to experienced it. When I’ve acquired Crazy Rich Asians 2 years ago, it made me more inspired to travel more, and learn the different rich culture here in Asia.

I love that book so much that I’ve wished that someday, I wish to meet Kevin Kwan – the man behind this amazing chicklit book, plus its second book China Rich Girlfriend, which brings most of the social and glamorous ladies worldwide, particularly Asian ladies. It is now the most talked about book of the season: from morning ladies breakfast, to afternoon tea-delights, weekly book-club readings, and sometimes after church meetings (ohh yes!).

So when Fully Booked announced that they will host the Philippine-leg of his Asian book tour, I immediately cleared-out my schedule and book my whole Saturday of August 15th just for him. If anyone who knows how important this event was, I’m proudly say I am one of those ladies or coined Titas of Manila.  That Saturday is more important that the season’s fashion week, a worth waiting event of the season, which I personally admit I become a little obsessed with his books.

Then the Saturday came and like the other fans, I also wait-in-line (for those who doesn’t know yet, I hate waiting-in-line), but I only give exceptions to people I think they deserve waiting for. After my delicious breakfast at Italiannis, by 9:30AM I arrived at Fully Booked High Street although I know that the store will be open by 10:00AM.

See these waiting fans! Ohh Kevin you are a total hit! I’ve made some pep-talk to some ladies some of them came as early as 7:00AM (OMG!). These two ladies happen to be sisters are travelled all the way from the North (Bulacan) going to the South just to meet our Man. What a good sister-bonding!

Just like the main story, it is not soo fun without the bitches on the scene. Pardon moi but, this lady made my day as she gave me, You-Must-Wait-in-Line-I-Came-Here-First-kind of look. This girl is a bitchy in a funny way.

At exactly 10:00AM Fully Booked opens and the massive fans became so happy and relieved. Gosh, it was a very hot Saturday morning after-all we need to freshen-up! So just like the others, I’ve waited-in-line and got my books registered for NO. 27, Yey!

Inside Fully Booked during registration.

You think these two books; Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriends are for ladies only? You bet even some men are also there to have their books signed! 

Since the actual book-signing will starts at 2:00PM, after I finished the registration I decided to dropped-by in the office (3 blocks away) and so my other writing works. Gosh I need to hire an assistant!

So exactly 2:00PM I’ve returned to Fully Booked and seen these exciting fans already waiting for him!

I decided not to get my seat because I want to cover the event, and have better captured photos. I could feel my excitement while taking these photos, hahaha I’ve a real fan!

And Kevin Kwan is finally here! Ohh I could feel the chills on my bones (in a good way) because of my excitement! He had entertainment some Q&A’s about the books and its upcoming movie.

Ohh I would definitely not miss it!

 You may check some of his short video clip via here, here, here. Etc. 

And being an avid-fan, I grabbed the once in a lifetime opportunity to ask him this:

Do you believe that having an Image Consultant is a new Black?

I think he was impressed with my question, and his response is:

“I think there are a lot of people who’ve been working to image consultants in secret far long more than you would think and it was fascinating in the world. I am speaking in what happen in the book two where a character hire someone to help her to climb high in social ladder. It is the personal being for the new China rich, they want to be accepted, they want to be top in the social ladder and they gonna pay and spend and do anything it takes to get there.”

He’s very humble and witty, obviously a well-traveled man and grew-up to a well-off family from Singapore. During the Q&A, he also shared that most of the facts in his books are true, except the love story of Rachel Chu and Nicholas Young.

After the entertaining our Q&As, Mr. Kwan read us a short except from the second book, China Rich Girlfriend, co-incidentally it is about Kitty Pong, an ex-porn star married to the richest man in Hong Kong, when she hired an Image Consultant, to become accepted to the society of rich and famous.

You can read the chapter about Corinna and Kitty on page 206 - 213. Oops! Spoiler-alert :D






Okay okay let’s go to the most exciting part… Book Signing!

Of course, I didn’t miss the chance to have my books signed, plus have a nice pep-talk with him, plus have this photo with him! OMG, #DreamsDoComeTrue!

It was one very memorable Saturday of August, and I am very thankful for this day! Yup when you wish and dream of something, eventually you’ll get it. Just have patience, lots of patience and prayers plus you must work on it!

Look how massive these books are! Kevin had diligently signed each copy for his loving fans!

Are you still having hesitation to grab these books? Ohh no no sister, you must buy it now!

Paperback copies for Crazy Rich Asians is only Php299.00 and Php798.00 for China Rich Girlfriend and are available at all Fully Booked stores nationwide, and online their store online.

Ohh we are not yet done..

Stay tune on our full book review!

xoxo, Blair


  1. So many people have been raving about this book! I should probably read it haha!

    The North Kid by Pam de Guzman

    1. Hi sis, yeah you must have your copy of these two books! You'll laugh on how outrageous super rich Chinese could do to run their lives :)


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