The Enchanting Night at Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017
Last month I was invited to a one enchanting night celebrating the mixed of Philippine fashion, beauty, creativity, arts and culture in an all-in-one-package.

It was my honour to get invited to this prestigious fashion show, being attended by like-minded personalities who aims to promote the local fashion and the old tradition of weaving. Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show is indeed the most talked of the town show, not only locally and also even in other countries in Europe. 

In cooperation with Experience Travel & Living Magazine of Mode Devi Publishing, in collaboration with Department of Tourism, Globe Telecom, and Marco Polo Hotel Manila the night was filled with enchanting local fabrics of Mindanao featuring the designs of the Philippine fashion icon Renee Salud last March 27th.

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017

The show was breath-taking and fabulous!

I can’t help admiring those fabric all hand craftily woven by the local tribe women of Mindanao, through the cooperation of Custom Made Crafts Center, Inc., a non-profit organization that markets indigenous and fairly traded products from the Philippines.

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017

Sitting on the front-row and enjoying these magical beauty, I am also thinking how amazing these local tribe women have continuously weave fabrics in old-tradition that have been last for more than a hundred years old. While these women are walking on the runway, making their audience feel that ohh la la, I am wishing that these fabrics should be recognized and patronized by the local modern women.

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017

Why we need to buy fabrics from neighboring countries like Myanmar, China, Thailand and India whereas we have our own locally made fabrics?

These initiative is not only about the beauty and glamour of each dresses. It is also a celebration of Philippine’s arts and culture that are so rich and colourful and full of surprises. As one of the advocates of Philippine fashion and traditions, it is one of my dream that these tradition of beauty will never fades, despite of our growing interested to modernization and globalization.

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017

See how beautifully colourful these dresses are? Indeed Philippines is a country that lives colorfully!

These dresses was also been featured to the recent Miss Universes Pageant, being modelled by the selected Miss Universe candidates last January 19th in Davao City.

My mind is working deeply while simultaneously capturing these videos and photographs, and doing my social media job, I was actually thinking of planning my next trip to Mindanao to visit the tribe and learn how to weave!

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017

This is another opportunity for as travel enthusiast, to explore our own island and deliver the message of beauty to the world.

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017

It would be so nice to actually talking to the local tribe women about their techniques on weaving!

And if I will be a bride, it would be a great honor to wear this kind of wedding dress traditional made by the local tribe, that took many days (or even months!) to finished all materials locally made, and of course designed by a famous Philippine icon, Mama Renee.

Blair Villanueva and the models from PMAP

If only these ladies realized how lucky they are to wear these fantastic dresses! Am jealous!

Blair Villanueva and Ms. Ana Manansala, Editor-in-Chief of Experience Living & Travel Magazine

Thank you for our gorgeous friend and Editor-in-Chief of Experience Travel & Living Magazine, Ms. Ana Manansala for inviting me for this enchanting night. You made my night so fantastic and now am more excited to help fellow advocates to promote locally-Philippine made fashion.

Blair Villanueva and Ms. Baby Go, President and CEO of BG Productions

Also had a chance to meet this gorgeous and very humble Ms. Baby Go, President and CEO of BG Productions. She is an advocate and producers of many award-winning Mindie Films.

Maybe I’ll take the movie industry as my fall back :D

Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show 2017

The Enchanting Night at Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show

Whenever there is no one who will take your outfit, trust me your best reliable friend is the elevator!

The Enchanting Night at Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show

And here’s my final selfie! I think I did pretty well with my hair and makeup 

Make-up and Lipstick used: from Maybelline and The Faceshop

Top: SM Women

Bottom and Accessories: Unarosa Fashion

Handbag and Shoes: Forever21


For more Philippine fashion shows and lifestyle stories, always stay tune here in my blog!

xoxo, Blair

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  1. The fashion models are beautiful and designer did a great Job for the event.


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