NHK World TV App Review

NHK World TV App Review
How to travel to Japan and its many prefectures right on the comfort of your home?

Travelling is one of the many things I love to do, and no matter how busy I am, I still make sure I can do it. But there are times that my times truly doesn’t permits yet, so I need to make my mind travel instead, and let my physical body wait for a moment.

One of my favorite apps for years is NHK World TV App.

I’ve been using this app for 5-years since I’ve got my first iPhone (it was 3G, then). The app was introduced to me by my special Japanese friend years ago, and I’m thankful he did.

I wish to share you the benefits I’ve got from this app. This is definitely #notsponsored post and I’ve just happy to share this because I bet many of you will appreciate.

So what is this NHK World TV App?

NHK World TV App Review

NHK World is Japan’s government funded TV Station that provides delivers latest information from Japan, Asia and the rest of the world for FREE.


And I haven’t seen a reliable news app that gives that kind of services to all subscribers.

Even you are outside Japan, you can download this app.

So what makes this app so amazing?

I’m passionate on travel especially around the Philippines and Asia which includes Japan. And I can’t deny the fact how much I am also passionate to learn of this country, their cultures, arts and their way of life.

Even sometimes I thought maybe I’m a Japanese from my previous life!

Fukuyama Castle, Hiroshima Prefecture
Fukuyama Castle, Hiroshima Prefecture

NHK World TV App Review

NHK World TV App is free to download and available on for your Apple and Android and Amazon Fire. You can watch the latest news around the world through this app, especially the news from Japan. It also have live streaming videos and the speed will varies depending on your internet connection.

I always enjoy watching this in the office during my break time because of our reliable internet connection.

NHK World TV App have various categories and shows you may choose. I always watch Japan documentaries, interviews and shows about food, travel, fashion, and including arts and cultures.

NHK World TV App Review

You will also enjoy watching their lifestyle interview and videos, and believe me you’ll thank me for downloading this app.

This app could also be used as your japan travel guide, more reliable than your tour guides, IMHO.
Each week they always have new stories and interviews, and I never get tired of learning and watching their documentaries.

Don’t because the articles and videos are in English for all of us could understand. But there are also many videos on Japanese language, provided with English translation on the bottom of each videos.

NHK World TV App Review

If I wish to learn the blessed place to fish for good mackerel, I use this app for research and more knowledge. If I want to know the latest Japan fashion for the next season, I would check NHK World TV App.

NHK World TV App Review

There is also section in the app where it teaching you Japanese language online for free, and if you want a more private learning, they also have a paid subscription.

NHK World TV App Review

And if I’m in a mood of letting my mind travel around Japan parks and learn their way of life, including the art of kata-yuzen, then NHK World TV App is my reliable bestie!

NHK World TV App Review

I also followed their Facebook Page to keep tabs on the shows schedule, just like one of my favorites, the interview with Japan’s famous Yayoi Kusama.

The app is funded by the Japanese government, so I believe on its reliability and good quality.

Plus, most of the Japanese news are for the welfare of its citizens and residents and guests, and I haven’t read or watch any gossips and negative news from this app.

Which is very good because I don’t want to pollute my mind with any negativity.

I recommend this for everyone who wants to travel to Japan and those who are passionate to the Japanese cultures and way of life, like me!

xoxo, Blair


  1. Wow..that's a really good app! I would love to download and watch some Japanese news but my phone has not more space...haha

    1. Thanks!

      Maybe its time to buy a new phone :)


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