Beauty Review: iWhite Korea Face Mask

Last week, I visited the mall and searched for a beauty product that will help me to ease my facial stress. Luckily I've got these iWhite Korean facial mask and iWhite nose strip in a sachet! These are great specially now that it's my first time to use these products. Anyway here's what I've learned from these masks.

Since this iWhite facial mask comes in a sachet, its is easy and light to carry with and perfect for your travelling. It has a mild scent, very white cream, and easily dries up upon application on your face. Don't worry coz it's easy to wash with water. As the back label states, it truly removes your dead skin cells, but will only achieve best results upon 2-4 times a week application. Perfect for each night's application to ease your tired face. Don't worry though it applies up to 4 times a week, it will not damage your skin, but makes your face tissue tighten just the way you want to have.

in my case I wait until 30 minutes to get the best result I wanted. What  also like to this facial mask is, it has a formula that helps to reduce or may I say slow down early signs of aging :) 

This sachet can be use up to 3 times, so it's a huge savings!

next is this iWhite Korea Nose Strip/Mask. It is packaged in a much smaller sachet that can be used up to 5 times, or depends on how you apply it. It was packaged in "black" to give distinction to its facial mask. This also comes in a creamy white mask, also gets sticky and dries up upon application. Same scent with the iWhite Facial Mask. 

pardon me for these kinda gross photo, hahaha but to show you the content, here's the photo...

 it took me a lot of courage to post here my face photo in this situation, hahaha I'm wearing iWhite Face Mask and iWhite Nose Pack Mask..

 as I've said, after 30 minutes, it's time for my peeling session. Yeah I myself feel gross seeing myself in the mirror peeling. If you applied evenly the mask, it will give you best result and can easily peel-off after your waiting time. 

..and this is more grossed!! My peeled-off mask with facial oils, dead cells and white on it. haha
so each night before going to sleep (while blogging) I use this beauty mask to ease my stress, and to prevent early signs of aging,, Prevention is the best! ooppss, before I forgot these masks are very affordable. iWhite Korea Facial Mark SRP Php45.00, and the iWhite Korea Nose Pack mask is two-pieces for SRP Php30.00. These are available in all leading beauty stores, especially in Gaisano Malls and Watsons. Now available in 50ML up to 100ML.

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  1. ooohh i tried iwhite's nose pack before (pero ung white version lng) . makikita mo tlga ung nakukuha ng pack after peeling >.<

    1. yeah, at first it scares me, makes me grossed.. but eventually LOVE it and now on my must-shopping list

  2. I've used them before and I was happy with the result. Maybe it's time to use it again. :)

    1. Im glad you are a happy user too :) Thanks for visiting

  3. Ahh nice post, love the peelings! That looks great. Here is a good new website specifically for face masks and facials.

  4. Hi Blair! We're glad you liked our Facial Mask and Nose Pack :)
    You might want to follow us on facebook and twitter to be updated on upcoming promos, giveaways, and events :)

    See you on our pages ;)

    1. yeah, I'm gonna make other iWhite Korea product review soon


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