I am proud to have brown-tone skin

This is my first time to show worldwide that I am wearing a string bikini. At first I am having a hesitation to post these photos, but with because of my lovely friends who liked these, they made me convince to share it to you. As you can see, yeah I am wearing a brown skin, and I am proud of it. No matter whitening cream or lotions I put on - in just 10 mins I turned into a "magic brown", as my friends quoted. My friends said that I am lucky to have this "magic brown" coz I don't need to stay long hours under the sun just to gain this color.

I love swimming! I grew up near the beach and swimming is my best exercise. Before jumping onto the water, I always do these stretching routines to avoid any muscle cramps.

..my childhood dream - to become a synchronized swimmer! I love watching them in their very energetic and  amazing moves, plus the costumes! Well that is just a dream anyway, haha

I would like to send bisou-bisou to my bestfriend Chrisse for patiently capturing my angle. Hahaha she is very nice and lovely!

...at the end of the day, the important thing is having fun and enjoy your day. You'll never know what will be your tomorrow, so it's time to relax and enjoy your youthfulness.

Location: Alpha Salcedo
Photography: Chrisse
Bikini: Chrisse Swimwear

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  1. You look amazing, and so does your bikini. Never give up on your dreams if you aspire to be a synchronized swimmer.



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