How to organize your grocery shopping bags

My friend's cupboard is horrible, and gave me stress seeing unorganized shopping bags. Now it looks like a hanging garbage container (sorry my friend). But anyway, this situation inspired me to share a simple tutorial on how you can organize your loads of plastic shopping bags. 

After our noon shopping at Landmark for some groceries, I decided to organized these plastic bags and also  his cupboard to have room for his other stuffs. I know that nowadays, mall and supermarket are promoting the usage of re-usable bags, but there are still (including Landmark) uses plastics.

First we need to fold the plastic bag flat in even folds. Fold the side onto the middle like the photo above.

... then do this with the other side. Don't forget to flat the bag so remove the air in it, for easy folding.

Then we will fold this bag into three parts...

.... and like this. It's like your are folding your shirt!

Isn't looks neat?! Folding your bags in proper way, will help you to store it neatly and have room for more.
If you are kinda busy to do it, let your kids to the favor so that they will learn how to be organized.

{{{photos are taken using Apple iPhone 3GS}}}

Did you like this simple tutorial? Comments are highly appreciated!

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  1. I like your shopping bag. Even though it's made in plastic. I can use it again in case of emergency. Thanks for sharing this one.
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