Saturday Luxury: A Walk to Salcedo Market

it was a very lovely Saturday morning wherein I stayed with my friend's condo in Salcedo Village. We are planning to cook together so I accompanied her to shop fresh produce at Salcedo Market. Honestly, it was my first time to shop in here. And I am so eager to take these photos, using her Samsung Galaxy, (thanks Chrisse!) 

if you haven't been to this place, well I am recommending this. I love making salads so this is a nice place to shop for my fresh produce that I can't found in the local supermarkets. See those fresh red tomatoes, and colorful bell peppers. The market is open every Saturdays only from 7:00am to 2:00pm, so the time to shop for your whole week of vegetables and fruits and to hang-out with your friends, and neighbors.

various concessionaires are selling not only local products but also international pieces. Check this out with this concessionaire who sells Moroccan home decors.

homemade delicacies and sides are always a hit in Salcedo Market

I love collecting aromatherapy and massage oils, and I am so glad we've found these babies!

locally weaves products and wooden kitchen utensils are also available.

 ... fresh flowers for your lovely homes

... and morning freshly baked breads, add with rare honey extracts (and dried fish)

Chrisse doesn't like to take her photo, but I've got this stolen shot.. 

... if you are into rare wines (like me) there is an available concessionaire owned by a white guy (a local resident)

having my self-photo, wearing my bare face, and a rush ponytail.. :D

Christmas is almost here, so it's time to shop for your Christmas home decors, just like these deer and Mexican hats for your homes 

We are both satisfied with our buys and now we are going home for preparation of our meals. See you next Saturday!

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