Enjoy the Fine Dining at Chateau 1771

Chateau 1771 is now multi-acclaimed fine dining restaurant. Consider as one on Manila's best and an institution by many, it is well-known for its patented "No Borders Cuisine" - delectable innovation on Swiss, French, and Italian favorites prepared with plenty of flair and imagination to suit the Filipino palate for a generation to date, Chateau 1771 continues develop a loyal following among Filipinos and even foreigners and expatriates.

Nothing makes me feel happier than having a sumptuous meal and relaxing to a very chic European-inspired place like Chateau 1771. This is what I like about spending my free time in Greenbelt - good restaurants, good food, and lots of interesting people. Here are some of my captured photo using my iPhone 3G. I really enjoyed the place, echoing soft relaxing Spanish music, very chic feels like you are in simple place in Europe. 

Their mushroom soap makes me crave for more. As we say in our local dialect, "Soup palang, ulam na!"

Though I've cut my meat consumption and switch to eating more veggies (yes I'm semi-vegetarian now!) I can't resist their roasted lamb. So nice to chew because of their softness and the taste so intense that you will  crave more. I've just took just one serving, hehehe which is enough for me.

 .. And of course my favorite Caesar Salad! They prepared it neatly and nicely that everyone will enjoy eating it even you are not a vegetarian :) I am inviting you all to have a quick trip to Chateau 1771 located at Greenbelt 5, Makati City. Fine dining with style.

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