How to Apply for your Philippine Passport just a Click Away.

With all the cheap airfares and fantastic budget travel tour packages for trip to all over Asia and Europe - it's very over whelming to catch it. But some of you always got this pause - you still don't have your passport! Well it happens to me before. Bu I finally over come that sudden PAUSE. That's why I'm going to share you  how to get your first Philippine passport (or for some re-new yours) just a click away, no more waiting in-line and just typing on your computer, while sipping your favorite martini. 

Before doing anything else, makes sure you all these basic and essential legal requirements:

* Valid Identification - this will either your company ID (if you are employed), school ID (if you are still in school) or if you have you SSS Identification Card. In my case, DFA ask for my Company ID!

* Don't ever forget to have your NSO Birth Certificate. Click the link to know how to get one.

* Also you need to get you NBI Clearance for travel purposes (its a lime green one) Still don't know how to get it, click my link on How to get your NBI Clearance!

* And don't forget to have it photocopied. Don't expect they have an available photocopy machine in there coz that is not allowed. You are the applicant so don't ever go in without your complete papers.

So you all have the requirements ready and photocopied, but there's still another requirement you needed. Get your computer and log-on at an online DFA passport appointment services. Yes dearest you need an appointment schedule! You can set an appointment online from Monday til Saturday. I've got mine last March 02 which is Saturday. I've chose it because I don't want to take a leave of absence from my job just to file my application. Now once you are log-on - fill up the necessary information, don't forget to double checks your entries. Of course you don't want wrong spelled name on your passport application, right?

During my online application I've chose to process my passport at the DFA NCR East Office which is located at the 7th Floor of SM Megamall in Ortigas. It the best place for me since I am living just in The Fort Area. Anyway last March 02, 2013 is my scheduled appointment at 01:00PM  - I've arrived 30 minutes earlier and I was surprised on what I've seen. The office is soo spacious, smells very nice, and not crowded (no offence but I hate crowded government offices). I came in there, proceeded to the number 10 counter with a nice smile. After a couple of meetings checking my papers, the lady send me to the back office, cashier counter to pay my application. For processing they charged me Php1,200.00 plus a delivery charge of Php120.00 which is not bad at all. Besides I don't need to queue waiting-in-line just to just my passport. All in all including my fingerprint and photo opt. It only takes me 10mins to process my application and get it over with. 

DFA NCR East Office located at the 7th Floor of SM Megamall Ortigas

I've applied it last March 02, and I've got my passport last March 14! That's so convenient for me. Though I don't look very good in my passport photo, I don't mind it {{{hyena laugh}}} Now I can travel all the way I wanted, and wouldn't say NO to my fabulous friends for the out-of-town/ out-of-the-country partee! 

Here's some additional tricks that I've use to avoid some irritation and wrinkles on your face whenever dealing with these government-working pals. 

* Everybody is feeling tired. So to avoid any negative circumstances, avoid approaching these guys with a frown on your face, or any signs of irritation. Humans are normally adopts/reacts to the situation he's currently into, so don't do it. SMILE even you are tired, or even you've got in a long queue.

* SMILE and GREET then politely. Humans are naturally territorial. You are IN their territory, so be polite. If the problem exist, don't frown or YELL and MAKE A SCENE {{ that's the stupidest thing, hahahaha}}. The lady's way is ask politely what's the problem, and ask them for the better solutions and alternatives, again with a smile. Use your CHARM, and you will get what you want.

Hope these helps you guys. Feel free to share your tips and experiences here!

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  1. and bilis lang pla kumuha ng Passport! makakuha nga para fly fly na ako :)

  2. ang cute naman ng stuff toy mo Blair!

  3. yeah I agree maganda diyan sa DFA SM Megamall, mababait mga staffs nila

  4. they have very efficient services! i've got my passport too with no hassle :)


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