Cool Breeze, Good Food, Scented Rooms, and Horse Back Riding at Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast

Isn't it this refreshing having a short vacation outside the big city, have a relaxing moment with yourself or with your family and friends, sipping fresh juiced-fruits, while reading your most-awaited to read book that you've got on a bargain at Booksale. Last month I'd just got a chance for a weekend relaxation at the Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Batangas. Unlike most B & B that are located alongside of the road, Puzzle Mansion is situated in a private estate, with a pineapple plantation. Owned by renowned retired businesswoman Ms. Gina (also a record holder for the largest puzzle collection in the world) made this estate a fun to stayed-in. It got a very homey feeling, with lots of flowering plants and fruit trees, live animals like horses, and happy people around you. 

downtown in the city, we can only see like this inside your favorite department store - all untouched, unscented decoy flora. 

It seems that sky blue color is the owner's favorite and lucky color. Skyblue in every walls, in bathroom, souvenir shirts and the pool!

They have a very nice cosy bedroom each named after a local flower. Our room is named Samaguita. Our rooms scents like in a 5-star hotel, very relaxing! Here's me and my other blogger friends, as we traveled our way here to have our relaxation bonding. 

I am not in a fashionable outfit now, as I am very use to traveling wearing simple, and comfy clothes - very basics. I can't help on eyeing with the pool, and start to swim in it. I love water and I'm a good swimmer :)

This is the family room they have, similar to our room, but a little bigger with two beds in it. Good for families composed of 4-5 persons. 

Ms. Gina also owns a clothing manufacturing factory, and her staff are the ones who embroidered these, using the Puzzle Mansion logo. 

Aside from relaxing, you can also have a hike and a round of horse riding. I am so happy - it's my first time to ride with the horse, and I'm getting addicted!

Having a walk is so much fun together with your friends! Hello little Yankie Blogger! 

Ms. Gina - retired businesswoman, and owner of the estate, the museum, and the thousand puzzles. She's very cool, not a typical aged-lady. Don't missed her adlibs during her museum tour. You will love her.

Though I am not a domestic type of girl - I don like how they organized and planned their open kitchen. Staffs prepared the foods here, carefully cooks and serve in a hot plates!

on the top shelves you can see Ms. Gina's rare collections of china wears.

I suggest you should also try visiting the Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast, bring your family and friends, have fun, relax and learn new things with nature :)

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