Beauty Review: Little Naughty But Nice - Lucido-L Hair Supplement, Polished your Hair Magically


Most of us Fashionista and Beautyholics understand that our HAIR is our crowning glory - we wear various headpieces, with glitz and sparkles coloring our hair from time to time, giving it with special R and R with our favorite hair stylist, washing  it with our favorite shampoo and conditioner, etc. But still there is no harm trying new things especially if this will make our hair more shinier and more beautiful

That's why I thank Mandom Philippines for giving me samples of their newest hair product - Lucido-L. It's a creamy-based substance that you can applied to your hair to make it more naturally good-looking. I got so excited to try these products, and share to you my personal points.

They sent me these two hair supplements - the yellow one is a styling milk for adding volume for our hair, and the orange one is a treatment oil, specially for your soft and bouncy curls.

For the record, my hair got its last hair straitening treatment two-years ago, and I just maintain it with regular, conditioning, shampoo and hot oil treatments. Believe me or not, I am thankful that my hair keeps her glorious bouncy texture and shine. And I have proud to say that my hair is still virgin - virgin from hair coloring. I am so afraid that my hair will be damage (becoming brittle, and such). I love my natural hair color, and my boyfie loves it too.

One of the basic problem of our hair is loosening its natural oils, and hair breakage, makes our hair dull and hard to manage. In my case, I have to trimmed it regularly (in my case, every month) to eliminate split ends. By adding Lucido-L to your hair, brings back the natural oil and glossiness of your hair.

Here's my photo before applying Lucido-L. My hair here looks dry and a little fluffy, because I love wearing on ponytails or tying it in a bun. I've applied two pumps of Lucido-L Styling Milk, and massage it thoroughly to my entire hair, expect to my scalp. If you have shorter hair than mine, one pump of  is enough. 

 After applying it onto my hair, massaging and brushing it -  my hair becomes more manageable. It minimizes my hair tangles, and I can style it so quickly. I am a busy lady and I need my hair to be quickly styled, by just brushing it with my comb, or even my fingers.

If I want to have a bouncy look, I use the orange one. Though my hair is not permed or colored - in my experience it gives me an amazing bounce and shine. Same, I just applied two pumps of it and viola! Magically Beautiful Hair!

It's packaging comes with 6 different variant, for 6 different hair types (comes in yellow, orange, hot pink, lime green, lilac, and baby pink). Though I am impressed with it's colors, but not with the overall packaging. Seeing the product at my first glance (without reading the labels) I mistaken it as a vibrator. Yeah it is funny, I know. With it's playfully colored packaging, inside the transparent outer ones, makes it look like a Japan-made vibrator ones I ordered online (yes I use it and I love it). I thought I am the only ones who notice about its little naughtiness, but when I showed it to my friends, both male and female, local and expats - 8 out of 10 told me it looks like a vibrator. And when I opened the cap, that makes it a hair product, haha. 

 I agree that this product is a little bit pricey that then regular oils that we've mostly use (rough estimate is Php250 to Php275) but since I am dealing with my hair, I don't mind spending a little more. Lucido-L also my lifesaver - when I need to attend emergency meetings and I have no time to thoroughly fixed my hair, Lucido-L is my angel. It has a mild scent, no hideous smell.

I like this product and will continue using it. But I will be little secretive showing it much around with my friends as they always think it's my toy {{hyena laugh}}. Available now at all leading Watsons Store and SM Beauty Department Stores.

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  1. The concept of the bottle design comes from a capsule coz it's a Hair Supplement. Didn't really thought of it as something like you mentioned. Haha!

  2. never thought it looked like a v... until you mentioned it. :)

    1. i also observe the different packaging of most products, before buying.. it also affects buying-decision making :)

  3. thanks for help us
    i like your product thanks for share
    give me some more detail have any side effect of your product

    hair supplement | hair supplement for women

    1. So far, it doesn't have a negative side effect. It only makes my hair more manageable


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