Tour de Jour Boutique: Modern, Urban Vibe Stradivarius opens in Greenbelt

Stradivarius, the latest clothing brand that was opened in Greenbelt 2. With its youthful and urban vibe (sister company of Bershka), Stradivarius spirit is feminine, fresh and creative. Stradivarius is the dream and fantasy of a real world, which seeks to enchant its clientele through its designs. Stradivarius has a little piece of jewellery in the shape of a treble clef, a symbol that represents the rhythm, dynamism and difference of the brand. At first it began as the initial letter used in the brand's logo, and it has gradually grown to have its own meaning beyond what it represents: the start of a musical score.

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Stradivarius brings the latest fashions to a comfortable, welcoming store with a sophisticated, relaxed atmosphere, where buying becomes a thoroughly pleasant experience. Stradivarius store brings together exclusive designs and special, carefully created materials that make it a welcoming environment, unique items which together with the fashion collections produce a modern, urban vibe.

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