IWhite Korea Moisturizing Cream, Facial Wash, Facial Cream, and Face Mask

IWhite Korea facial wash, best facial creams, iwhite korea mask

Hello my beautiful dolls!

Welcome again to my beauty review :) It's been awhile since I've shared to you some reviews of beauty products that I'm using, due to some hectic schedules, blah, blah blah... yup same excuses.. I know ladies :)

Remember way back last year when I've made my first review of the iWhite Korea Face Mask? I'm still using the same product ladies, and now the exciting part is - it comes with it's new cutest packaging! We all know that we are easily get attracted to cute packaging of Korean cosmetics, especially it's girly concepts. The company behind iWhite Korea seems realized it, and changes their product packaging like the photo above. Now it looks cute, and packed in a budget-friendly sizes. How cool is that?!

I've seen these once at the nearest 7-Eleven store and I immediately purchased them. I'm so excited to share my reviews and experiences of using the newest iWhite Korea beauty products. Again, this is not a sponsored review and the company didn't sent me these.... but just in case, I won't mind if the iWhite Korea company will sponsor my next reviews... WE love freebies! 
So in a one Saturday lazy morning, I've took these photos. 

IWhite Korea facial wash, best facial creams, iwhite korea mask

With its budget friendly packaging which is good for up to 5-times usage (or depends on the amount of application) this facial wash is extremely economical. It deeply cleanses my skin and removes the excess oil, and helps to lighten my skin. I have a tan skin, and getting more tan especially when I played under the sun, so this facial wash also helps me to lighten my darker face in 5 days (yes based on my observation, with continuous usage). But it still depends on your skin type, ladies. It works for me and I am HAPPY!

IWhite Korea creams and moisturizer review

For those of you who likes it foamy (like me) you will enjoy it massaging to your face and feel it works cleanses deeply. I like its mild scent but still be careful not to irritate your eyes. Nobody wants a red-eyed lady in the morning :)

I also feel more happier each time I sighted it's very feminine package. Ooohh feels like heaven, and it's nice to start a day with a lovely smile, you know. 



IWhite Korea facial wash, best facial creams, iwhite korea mask

This is definitely one of the friendly products I've seen. You can easily see determine the use of this product, with its packaging (so kawaii). This is still the same facial mask content that they have - they only changed it's packaging. You can see me previous review here. So my own way is, after washing my face with iWhite Facial Wash, I used this facial mask and let it stay for 15-20 minutes. So while waiting, you can do your other stuffs like updating your social media pages, color your nails, or watch your favorite TV Series :D 

IWhite Korea facial wash, best facial creams, iwhite korea mask

... and don't worry, this is very easy to apply and also not hard to take it off. It deeply cleanses and gets unwanted oils especially in my nose part. It's so refreshing and I after I took it off, I felt so radiantly beautiful :). One packet can be used up to 3 times.



IWhite Korea facial wash, best facial creams, iwhite korea mask

After peeling my facial mask, I've applied iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream. It is non-greasy nor sticky, having its blue color (like water) and moisturizes my face deeply. Also it helps to prevent premature aging, its helps to hydrate our skin, protects skin from cellular damage and maintains the firmness of our skin.

IWhite Korea facial wash, best facial creams, iwhite korea mask

I put some dab on my face, spread it evenly and viola! refreshingly good-looking... One packet can be used up to 4 times 



IWhite Korea facial wash, best facial creams, iwhite korea mask

And for the final touch, I used IWhite Korea Facial Cream. It is said to have a 3-in-1 benefits: (1) its helps to evenly lighten our skin, (2) it has a dual UV Protection which helps to prevent cellular damage brought by excessive sun heat, and prevents premature aging, and (3) can be use as a make-up base. Since I'm just staying at home I wouldn't put make-up after this. 

IWhite Korea facial wash, best facial creams, iwhite korea mask

If you are having a brown skin like mine, best to use just a small amount of it on your face. It is so creamy and so white so if you put a lot and use it as a make-up base, it will give you a geisha-look after you dab it with some foundation, hahaha... One packet can be used up to 5 times.

IWhite Korea facial wash, best facial creams, iwhite korea mask


I do recommend these products for you - very value for your money, without compromising your desired beauty (not unless you have uber sensitive skin - in that case ask your dermatologist). 

iWhite Korea products are available at most drugstore and beauty stores nationwide. For quick updates you may check their Facebook page.

Hopefully you enjoyed my review, and if you have something in mind please don't hesitate to share it here. I personally test the products first for weeks, taking note before giving the final review. For more beauty, fashion and any latest trend updates, follow us at our Facebook page 

So till next time, CIAO BELLAS!

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  1. I love the new packaging. I just wish they'd change the ones for the full size products too!

    1. yeah! I will be one of those who are excited too, for its final release

  2. OMG. i love their new packaging! thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Hi Ms. Blair, this is from iWhite. we featured your review on the link below. Thank you! :)

    1. yay! Thanks for the feature... kinikilig naman ako :)

  4. Hi is the mask OK to use everyday or rarely lang po? :)

    1. Hello May,

      One thing I love about this mask - it doesn't irritate my skin even I use it daily (usually while watching TV or before bedtime). It makes my skin tighter and smooth always.

      But just to make sure if this is okay to your skin, try to test / apply it on your wrist for 5 minutes. If you find it itching then don't use it.


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