Beauty Trip: Brazilian Waxing at Laybare

Hello Ladies! How's your week?

Mine becomes great and uber busy... after the two fashion week that I've been (Singapore and Philippine Fashion week) still I'm feeling exhausted, and I need some relaxation and beautification. Anyway these coming days I'm going to share you some of the collections of our renowned and new Filipino fashion designers. I was so amazed and feel excited. Especially for the fact that our designers are becoming known throughout Asia and other parts of the globe.

Have you tried waxing? At first it's kinda scary right? Hairs pulling-out from your skin and feeling numb.. yeah I felt scared at first, because I'm not so much into pain. But since I was so curious like a cat, I decided to tried having a Brazilian wax at Laybare. 

Laybare Waxing is known in US for giving excellent waxing services and pampering their clients. The Laybare here in the Philippines is a franchise company and I am so glad that they are here!  Their interior design is very relaxing, painted in yellow green like fresh grass. Inside it also smells relaxingly good. The branch that I;ve been is located at the 3rd Floor of Market, Market Taguig City.

Inside has three individual rooms, like the photo above. I was so excited to get my first Brazilian waxing, as I only used to shaved my "bestfriend". You don't know how much suffering and eagerness to shaved her for the past 3 weeks, but I can't because it needs to grow longer for the waxing. Hahaha if only I could show my before-and-after photo, she's very bushy like a wild forest, LOL. 

Here I am so giggly because of excitement... I always wondering how it felt to be totally bald!

Look at my face! Yeah it's a bit painful at first, but after a while my pussy became numb and I didn't felt the pain anymore. My assigned lady used a cold wax for me, and it felt so good. I felt comfortable with her, and she also gives me tips about waxing. She also said that after waxing, I shouldn't go to swim for 48 hours because pores are still open and it may cause irritation. OMG, what will I do?! Hahaha well I'm a very stubborn bitch so I still went for a swim, thank God nothing bad happen to my pussy!

For only Php500.00 (almost $12.00) you can get a perfect waxing at Laybare. They also offer armpit and whole body waxing, massages and facials. Well I'm gonna avail that services sooner!

I felt really refreshed and a bit uncomfortable (but I'm getting used to it). Gotta go now ladies, as I still need to catch my flight to Singapore. Thanks to Laybare for my very first waxing :D Ciao!


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