Osonho Portuguese Fusion Restaurant

It was one busy Thursday and every lunch time, I always wonder what my lunch will be. Having a strict veggie diet for weeks is tough but I’m getting used to it, but sometimes having a cheat-day doesn't hurt. Luckily, a friend of mine introduced Foodie.ph to me – a 24/7 online delivery service that is user-friendly and has lots of restaurant choices. 

If I will opt for a delivery service, I decided to choose a restaurant just near my office in Ayala Avenue. Out of curiosity, I decided to order something from Osonho Portuguese Restaurant. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about it and I wanted to try something different. 

Osonho Portuguese Fusion Restaurant is the one of the modern dining restaurants in Makati City, which serves delectable cuisine at reasonable prices and enjoyable portions. They also accept orders for delivery via their partner site Foodie.ph. They delivered it on-time and without any hassles.

For the main course, I ordered Peri peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice and Seafood Paella / Paella do Mar. And for my salad I chose House Greens / Casa Salada Verde.

Peri-peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice

Marinated in their special peri-peri (or chili) sauce, which gives an intense delectable taste, paired with white rice mixed with chicken flavoring. The chicken was tenderly cooked and so was the rice.

Seafood Paella / Paella do Mar

A unique blend of cumin and saffron mixed with bits of chorizo and the finest seafood around – their seafood Paella very tasty, and the seafood was very well-cooked

Casa Salada Verde

A bed of farm-fresh romaine lettuce, with glazed walnuts, sundried tomatoes, and quezo de bola. You can taste the freshness of the vegetables and the sweetness of its dressing. Since I love eating nuts and fresh veggie salads, I enjoyed my choice. 


Delivery time is fast and efficient.
Foodie.ph website is very user-friendly.
They will immediately contact you to verify your order (or if you have any additions).
Meals are very well cooked, and well prepared.

Meal cost might be above average compared to a regular meal.
Not so impressed with their delivery packaging. I would suggest using plastic microwavable containers (with seals), than using styrofoam take-out containers.

They saved me from worrying about my lunch – I enjoyed their service and their food. If you are organizing a small lunch party at your home or office, we recommend Osonho Portuguese Fusion Restaurant.  


For more information about Foodie.ph, you may check their Facebook. Also don't forget to check O'Sonho Portuguese Fusion Restaurant in Jupiter Street, Makati and in Eastwood City.

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