How To Moisturize Our Lips During Dry Winter

As the winter gets colder, our lips have rung the warning alarm of dryness. Because our lips continuously get dry because of cold weather, it is difficult to wear a good-looking makeup. 

Our lips get easily dried by intensive wind and air from the heater. Because of this dryness, our lips crack out, bleed, and form white dead cells.

In contrast, stars seems like they never get affected by the cold weather. They always flaunt their moisturized and lively lip colors. What should be their lip caring know-how? We explore though the secret that will bring you to have beautiful lips. 

To Apply the Lip Balm

First way to prevent your lips from drying is to drink enough amount of water. Our body is composed of 70% water that drinking 2L per day is recommended. If we drink enough amount of water every day, our overall share of water increase that our lips get moisturized from inner side. 

However, if it is difficult for you to drink lots of water every day, then continuosly apply the lip protection balm. You can prevent your lips from getting dry and forming dead cells by applying the lip protection balm. Even though you have strong lips, putting the spit or tearing off with hands is a shortcut to deteriorate your lips. 

Winter’s lip protection balm is specified in tube, stick, and case types based on its physical appearance. Among these types, you can use the stick type for longest amount of time since stick doesn't get smashed and contains good usability. When applying the lip balm protection cream, make sure to check the lip protection, nutrition condition and moisturized effect. 

To Eliminate the Dead Cells

When applying the lipsticks, dead cells make it harder to make the good color formation. In this case, try using the cotton swab and moisture cream. After applying the moisture cream for 10 minutes, wipe up the swollen dead cells using the cotton swab. 

Moisture from moisturizer not only makes the dead cells flexible but also maintains the moisture. In this way, you can prevent yourself from having dried and cracked lip condition. 

For another way, you can eliminate the dead cells with natural black sugar and honey. After swelling your lips with warm water, massage with the mixture of black sugar and honey, after mixing it with the ratio of 2:1.

To Apply the Lip Product that would add the Moist on your Lips 

Most of women want to look pretty when they are dating with their boyfriend. They style their makeup expecting for their romantic dating. However, if your lip condition doesn’t help your makeup, it’s hard to hide the disappointment.

In this case, choosing the lip product that contains moisture is a solution. Because lipstick can emphasize the dead cells of your lips, it’s recommended to apply the shiny lip glosses or glossy tint. 

Don’t forget to apply the lip balm continuously. If you have a lip that creates dead cells frequently, lip balm should be your must have item. In recent days, lip balms contain functions such as UV protection, color, and dead cell elimination. 

Best 5 Items that Presents Beautiful and Healthy Lips

1. Dior Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm 
With its color revival technique, lip balm response to amounts of moisture from lips, creating a most natural lip tone. Also, by protecting the lips from drying, the product creates the smooth and moisturized lip. You can present the various styling by using this product with lipsticks or tint. 

2. Tony Moly Tony Tint 
The product provides liveliness and color formation as soon as you slightly beat the tint on your lips. With its 98% of moisture base, product is moisturized than previous product and composed of Rosehip oil, hohoba oil, and argan oil. Have a reasonable price based on capacity.

3. Stella Lip Glaze 
The shimmering glitter spreads throughout the lips, presenting voluminous lips. Its unique auto type applicator creates a hygienic use. Ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, and E protect the moisture for whole day. 

4. Shiseido Locker Rouge 
The product is a liquid type product that contains vivid color formation, glossy shine, and the tinting power. The product organizes the rough texture of lips and coats the surface of lips with shine. Even more, color formation doesn’t deteriorate as the time goes by. Product is recommended when you want to emphasize your lips after clean and smooth base makeup. 

5. Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style Lip Stick 
The product is a light highly shining lipstick that it provides lively color formation and moisture. If past coloring lipstick has the weakness of dry texture and stuffy look, the kiss love style contains soft texture, vivid color, and good moisturizing effect. Even more, the product is helpful for lips since the product doesn’t include paraben and talc.

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