Hair Pampering at The List Salon

Hello girlfriends!

Way back two months ago, I had a chance to visit The List Salon located at Bonifacio Global City, for my occasional salon hair treatment. You might find it weird but I only visit the salon once every year. WHY?

Because my hair is very generous to me. I am one of those ones who doesn't have dry hair and can easily be managed with a hair treatment that I've regularly use. I only visit the salon for my yearly hair straightening, and hair cut. I haven't tried coloring my hair, and I have no plans to do it not until I reach my desired age. 

It's been a year now since my last hair treatment, and as you can see here my hair is kinda wavy, sometimes fuzzy. It good thing that The LIST Salon is just around my place, so I pay them a visit on one gloomy Saturday.

Doing my "selca / selfie" being they touch my hair. 

Two salon assistants are very confident that my hairs are thin, but to their surprise, they are both wrong. My hair is so thick! They shampooed my hair, and put some stuff in there then washed it again. I think they washed my hair three times during the entire session.

It's time to bring back my fringe! 

.. and the result of after treatment. What can you say? I feel like an anime!

By the way here are some of my snapped photos of the entire salon, in case you are curious to pay them some visits.

They also sell a lot of hair treatment stuff such as shampoos, conditioners, hair softeners, etc.

Our Ratings: {1 as lowest, as 10 is the highest}

Price:2 - a little steep for me, maybe because I know some salon that previously treated my hair in a much lower cost.
Services: I give it as 9 for my two salon assistants, and my stylist. Except I give 4 for the receptionist who looks ugly because she always frown the whole time I was there. {maybe she has a problem}
Salon Ambiance:  Hmmm I give it as 7.
Location: Ohh it's 8 coz it's near my place.
Methods: Methods are the way they do the treatment, so I will give them an 8 for that.

OVERALL: It's an 8! I recommend it to you. {just don't mind their receptionist if she's still there}

The LIST Salon is located at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City near High Street and F-Hotel. 

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