NIVEA Anti-Perspirant Total Age Repair Q10 Review

Getting some additional age is undeniable - we can hide it somehow, but we can never get away with it. Like you, I am so glad that my daily routine helps me to at least slower down the ageing process - thanks to my diligence, working hard to learn how to use the right products for my skin type, and also not forgetting the basics.

Anyway, like any other parts of our body, we need to take care also one of the vital parts of our body - our underarm. That's why I use NIVEA Anti-Perspirant Total Age Repair Q10 which helps me to have a fresher feeling, and whiter underarm. I know that we are all different, and this may not suit you. But I am happy it is perfectly suits my skin type. 

NIVEA Total Age Repair Deodorant contains CoEnzyme Q10 which is an anti-wrinkle ingredient that is naturally found in human skin. It supports the skin’s natural repair process, restoring skin elasticity and helps to effectively reduce the appearance and depth of wrinkles on the underarm. As a result, it efficiently firms and evens out underarm skin tone leaving you with firmer, smoother underarms you’ll be proud to bare. 

I've been using this for over two months now, and I am perfectly happy with it.

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