Three Ways to Keep Skin Moisturized During Cold Days

During winter, the air is cold outside, but warm inside. Since the temperature change is huge, there are bigger chances that moisture will get lost.

Especially during in-between seasons, skin is extremely influenced by surrounded environments. When skin is dehydrated, it starts aging faster than any other time.

Just like you get better results on test after studying little by little every day rather than cramming, skin looks different if you put effort every day.

1st Step: Removing dead cells perfectly is the basis of having moisturized skin

Dead cell is like armor of skin. If these dead cells are not removed at right time, they make skin rough and take moisture away. In addition, even the expensive skin care products won’t function well because those dead cells are blocking the pores.

Rather than using tools, it’s better to use removing products that contain AHA or BHA according to skin condition.

2nd Step: Layers of moisturizing shield protect skin

To fight against dehydration in winter, skin must be protected by thin moisturizing shields. Especially in winter, cheeks get blush very easily so applying sunblock is highly needed.

Even if you have oily skin type, it’s better to use thicker skincare products than in summer. Rather than applying so much at once, apply a small amount of products several times.

3rd Step: Store moisture with ultra moisturizing care

Regular daily care is already halfway to have moisturized skin, but doing ultra care 1~2 times per week even brings better condition. Simple facial mask is one of the tips that anyone can try.

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