The Rise of the #NoMakeupSelfie

Beyonce reignited the au naturel trend. One morning, Queen B #WokeUpLikeThis and started the trend of taking selfies from bed – in all our bare-faced, bedhead glory. And then the beauty industry caught on. Suddenly we see an influx of articles (like this one) telling us how we can achieve a completely natural look – except with makeup tools. If that doesn’t quite make sense to you (don’t worry, you’re not alone), then allow me to school you on what others tell me is the number one rule of the #NoMakeupSelfie: to make effort appear effortless.

Here are some tips to rockin’ this hashtag with finesse.
1. Always moisturize. Like all parts of your body, your skin needs water to stay healthy too. Keep hydrated by applying moisturizer. The product’s almost mandatory, especially in our humid weather.

2. Use concealer. If you have an unfortunate breakout or deep eye circles, there are no rules that state you have to let them show. An unspoken rule about going barefaced is that you should still appear presentable, especially in the workplace.

3. Afraid of looking washed out without makeup? Cheat your way to flawless and natural-looking skin by using the LancĂ´me Teint Miracle Liquid Foundation. The foundation is made up of 90% air that absorbs 4 times its weight, so you’re left with a non-cakey finish throughout the day.
Additionally, the foundation creates a nude and natural glow, while giving you SPF15 protection. Not only will you own the au naturel look, you’ll also have totes healthy skin while doing so.

4. Too lazy for eyeliner? Just amp up your lashes with an ultra-black shade of mascara. Not only will your peepers look instantly bigger and brighter, you also save half the time.

5. If your natural look resembles someone in the Cullen clan, you might want to add some colour to your cheeks to prevent looking excessively pale. A hint of blusher in the lightest shade adds a subtle radiance to your face.

What are your secrets to rocking the au naturel look?

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