Your favorite Japanese desert MOCHI comes in a pack!

Regent Mochi in Green Tea Flavor

I love pairing it with brewed coffee! Yummy!

Regent Mochi in Assorted Flavor

Regent Mochi in Ube Flavor

Regent Mochi in Mango Flavor

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made out of glutinous rice pounded into a paste and molded into a shape. During the mochitsuki event in Japan, otherwise known as the mochi pounding ceremony, mochi is made. In Japan, it is a traditional food mainly eaten during the Japanese New Year, although it is served throughout the year. Mochi can be made savory and sweet. The sweet version is known as Daifuku, which are round glutinous rice balls filled with sweet ingredients such as red bean or white bean paste.

Thanks to Regent Foods, Mochi is now available in supermarket, and comes in these cute packaging. You can chose from mango favor, green tea flavor, the typical Filipino favorite Ube flavor, and they also have the assorted flavor. Each pack cost Php60.00 perfect for sharing with you family and friends. Very soft, and tasty just like the homemade mochi!

Available at most supermarket nationwide!

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