PRIVA Intimate Wash

Are you one of the ladies who have insecurities down-there?

Admit it.
We use all our knowledge, acquired power and resources to make ourselves look young and beautiful. Thanks to easily accessible skincare and beauty products over-the-counter and even online (enjoying the free delivery, yey!) But we always neglected one of our most important part of our body (especially us ladies) - our very intimate V-zone.

Our V-zone needs some care too just like how we care for our face and torso. Having regular waxing or shaving are not enough to make it look presentable (yes, the word) It must be always smells freshly - and nobody likes to smell a rotten fruit or flower under the dug.
Aside from having an active social and blogging life, I also happen to have a (sort of boring)life that starts from 9 to 6pm, not desk bound and constantly move around a lot. And everyday this humid weather of ours makes me feel so sticky and uncomfortable, which is a no no to my job. That's why it is very important to me to keep myself always fresh, dry, and not smelling all sweaty and dirty.
But we do need to keep our vaginal area clean and smelling good too.
Especially when I am having my period, and there are times that I do not have the luxury of going for a shower and wash every few hours. It is a big sigh to feel so icky…
Here I'm sharing you my recent discovery!
Different parts of our body requires different washes to clean it well. We don’t use our shower foam to wash our hair, and neither do we use our facial cleanser to clean our body.

That is why we also need to use a feminine wash for our V zone since it has a slightly acidic environment, as compared to the rest of our body.
No…. You can cannot say that using wet tissues are the same… They are not!
I'm glad to have PRIVA Intimate Wash part of my bath routine and I always make sure I have this in my bag.
There are two variants you can choose from: the Priva Skin Lightening and Cooling Intimate Wash (in pink ), and the PRIVA Skin Firming and Cooling Intimate Wash (in light blue). These variants both have a pH-balanced formulation that gently cleanses and helps protect against itching and bad odors. These intimate washes are also formulated to give extra special benefits (the skin lightening and skin firming, plus cooling) and to revitalize the delicate feminine area.
What a great deal!
Let’s start the journey to protect and take good care of our V zone ladies!!
PRIVA Skin Lightening and Cooling Intimate Wash is formulated with glutathione and natural strawberry extract that help lighten dark skin areas.
PRIVA Skin Firming and Cooling Feminine Wash has collagen and natural extracts of Kwao Krua, an herbal root found in Thailand known to help improve skin elasticity and firmness. It also contains Witch Hazel extracts to help retain the skin's natural moisture.

Both Feminine/Intimate Wash has RevitaCool, a gentle cooling ingredient to keep you cool and refreshed every time you wash. Also they are clinically tested by obstetrician-gynecologists to deliver results and to be safe for everyday use. So no worries!
I've been using these for weeks and I haven't feel any signs of irritations or itchiness. PRIVA Intimate Wash makes me really feel cool and felt a little tingly sensation down on my vagina. It doesn't dry out my vaginal skin, making it soft and healthy-looking. I'm glad I've found PRIVA!
It is makes my V-zone skin healthy, good-looking, and more confidence to walk around. Great for my dehydrated skin and it is very refreshing to use. I love the refreshing scent at the end of a long and exhausting day.
I have friends asking me, “When do I use a feminine wash? It doesn’t seem to come in anywhere in my shower routine?”

So now I want all ladies to join me in my quest take good care of our V zone!
Use PRIVA and V-healthy!

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