There are lots of facial mask available in the market, and I know the feeling of wanting to try ALL of IT. Each time I'm having a ritual stroll in my favorite beauty stores, I can't help but try something new! It's like a trip to candy stores (but with more expensive flavours), and ended up swiping my plastic card. I couldn't help it, I'm just a girl who loves to try new things.

And I got more happier when some generous angels are sending me goodies for reviews. Just like a month ago, I received this Black Gel Mask from Shills Natural Science, proudly made in Taiwan.
I know some of you might be having a hesitation to try this, because who on Earth would be happy to wear a mud-looking substance on your face? But to be honest, this black gel mask is amazingly good!

It is made from all natural ultra-fine cold gel mask with black bamboo charcoal powder that effectively absorbs dirt and unwanted oil from deep within pores, and instantly increases your skin moisture to the right level.

Forget about the color - this black gel mask effectively absorbs excess oil and dirt within pores. It is safe for daily use, very gentle to skin and it is good for deeply skin cleansing and removes white / black heads for thoroughly clean and clear healthy pores. 

Pure water | Aloe Vera extract | Biosaccharide Gum-1 | Witch Hazel | Chamomile extract | Sodium PCA | Glycesin | Papaya Extract | Acivated Carbon | Arbutin | Carbomer | Xantham Gum | Lecithin | Triethanolamine | Allantoin | Potassium Sorbate | Perfume

You'll gonna love the exciting ingredients of SHILLS NATURAL SCIENCE BLACK GEL MASK.
*Activated Charcoal Molucules - are ultrafine particles that effectively absorbs grease / oil and dirt keeping pores clean and healthy.
Upon knowing this, the first thing that pops in my mind is what my Mom always tell me to put a charcoal inside our fridge to absorbs unwanted scents and moisture, and it absolutely works!
Aloe Vera Extract - good for moisturing, firming, makes our skin smooth, helps our skin from irritations and other unwanted skin conditions.
*Arbutin - helps to inhibit our melanin production and lighten spots, and improves dull skin.
*Chamomile Extract - helps on soothing our skin, protects it against bad substances.
* Papaya extract - for purifying and minimizin pores.


After cleansing your face with your favorite cleansers, apply SHILLS Natural Science Black Gel Mask over your face, leaving the part near your eyes to avoid eye irritations. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it off with lukewarm water. You could feel the immediate difference after using it.
It is naturally feels cool upon application, but if you want it to be more cooler, you can leave it inside your fridge and maximize the cooling sensation that we always love.

SHILLS NATURAL SCIENCE BLACK GEL MASK is available at You may also check them out via Facebook and Instagram, and also visit their occasional booth on selective bazaars here in Manila.

Will I try it again? Definitely YES! I'm gonna buy another after finishing my trial pack.

More review to come right here on!

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