A Monogamous Relationship With My Uniqlo Jeans

Jeans, jeans, and ohh my jeans.

Who ever discovered the denim jeans is a genius, and I'm one of the admirers who are very thankful of its existence. Why? Because jeans are JEANS - they are versatile, comfortable, powerful and have a strong appeal to everyone.

"Jeans gives an aura of instant, effortless stylishness."

Personally, I like (or should I say, LOVE) a good pair of UNIQLO Jeans, and I've realized I have more than 5 of it. These jeans doesn't give me any trouble while I'm actively doing my works and I haven't experience any dilemma pairing it with my other outfits.

you can have your own pair for less than Php 2,000.00! 

About two weeks ago, I've met my friends for movie time watching KINGSMAN: The Secret Service. I''m telling you - you have to watch this movie especially if you want to learn how to dress-up properly (especially to our male readers). You will learn, and laugh a lot - a great movie for everybody. I felt so comfortable wearing my slim-fit jeans sitting in 2-hours, and it feels so good thanks for its stretchness.

Photo grabbed from David of dgmanila.com

After the movie, we had our late lunch at Linguini Fini and everything are so delish! I wanted to eat more, but I managed to control myself pigging-out :)

Our fun afternoon doesn't ended yet, so we decided to go bowling!! Yey, I honestly don't know how to play with this, as I'd only enjoying it watching on-screen. Gladly my team is very patience with me and we had to much fun!

Together with Ms. Earth Rullan of earthlingorgeous.com

I also wore my UNIQLO Jeans during the conference at Dusit Hotel. Paired with simple sleeveless top and my grey tailored blazer, I looked smart enough, and casual at the same time. It was almost a whole-day event, and so far my jeans didn't fail me.

The monogamous relationship with my UNIQLO Jeans is still on-going, and even getting stronger each wear... and I think soon I'm getting betroth with it :)

What's your UNIQLO Denim Jeans Story?

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  1. These jeans look incredibly stylish and versatile for a variety of activities and events! I need jeans badly as I only have one pair and did find your piece motivating to go buy some!

    1. I think I have 3 denim jeans, all I've got from UNIQLO and I haven't think of buying more because they are already comfortable and versatile. And easy to paired with my outfit!


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