Would You Allow Snail Slime on Your Face For the Sake of Beauty?

When you heard about snail slime, what exactly do you imagine? Yeah I know, just like this photo above - it's grossed. 

(Well to be honest, I am now curious the feeling of something alive walking around my face!)

Tonight I'll be pampering myself with #Ciracle Snail Hydrogel Mask, which contains natural snail slime. I'm excited to finally try this tonight and share my review soon! Thank you for Ciracle.ph for sending me this mask! #sponsored #forurbanwomendotcom #facemaskreview #koreanmask #beautymask #facialmask #bblogger #beautyblogger #koreanbeauty #AsianBeauty
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Though snail slime is literally grossed, it became one of the odd ingredients for most cosmetic manufacturers, just as lipstick contains fish scales, and bird droppings are in spa facials. Snail slime is now the newest sensation in beauty and skin care industry.

Using snail slime as skincare is nothing new (even if it was news to us).

The ancient Greeks apparently used the goo, and it was recently rediscovered a few years when Chilean snail farmers who handled the snails (to ship 'em to France where they would be come escargot) noticed that their hands looked younger and smoother, and that small cuts and scrapes healed faster. In addition to a surprisingly pleasant texture, snail secretion filtrate contains natural acids and elastin that’ll improve appearance and protect skin from future damage,

Still dying to try it? You know you are.

Luckily, we don't have to do this (unless you want to be adventurous), CIRACLE skincare is now available at our hand.

Just a short introduction, CIRACLE - a professional vitamin C line products brand owned by the Cotde Bio-Research Center (CBRC), a Korean brand mainly focused on anti-aging and anti-wrinkling. 


One of the undeniable perks of being a minor personage in this industry, is to get offers from known beauty shops and cosmetic company to send you their product sample, and hoping for you to enjoy it and share your experiences to your followers and wide readers. I'm one of those lucky girl, and it's always a surprise for me when these companies surprising me with emails and gifts.. ohh they know I love them all!

So I've been using this CIRACLE Snail Hydrogel Mask that they sent me three weeks ago, and just like you, I'm also a bit curious about the wonder of snail slime. This mask is not the typical mask made of cotton sheets - CIRACLE Snail is made of Hydrogel, that gives amazingly, extra moisture making my face really hydrated and feels the cooling effect - really good especially after stressful day. So this mask is composed of two hydrogel sheets, that makes it easy to apply and use. So far this is one of the best face mask available in the market.

I could feel that the components are deeply sinks to my skin, and it really feels good after, making my skin very smooth and soft, like a baby! I leave it in about 20 to 30 minutes on my face to achieve that 'miracle-effect'.

So aside from having a snail slime on it, CIRACLE Snail Hydrogel Mask has antioxidant rich herbs, deep ocean water, green tea extract, ginseng extract, and aloe vera extract all combine to give our skin the vitamins and minerals it needs, supplying our skin with moisture, elasticity, and nutrition.
Also contains, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 which restores lost tension and enhance skin elasticity and radiance, moisturizing your skin and creating a silky-smooth, bright complexion.

Acetyl hexapeptide 8, which is also known as Argireline, is a peptide compound that is used in skin care to reduce the appearance of wrinkles brought on by repeated facial expressions. When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles on the face, especially around the eyes and mouth; they usually form because of repeated facial expressions, such as smiling, frowning, or furrowing the brow in deep concentration or frustration.

Hydrogel masks are not cheap - this kind of mask cost Php890.00 for 4pcs and is available at CIRACLE PHILIPPINES online store. I'm happy with its good effects on me, and I'm recommending this luxurious mask to you, giving it two-thumbs up!!
So, do you still want to have snail slime on your face?

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  1. I love masks and yes, something about hydrogel masks make them more hydrating than their typical cotton counterparts. However, I can't afford a hydrogel routine because I use masks every day!


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