Why You Should STOP Eating Salads?

Eating raw fruits and vegetables will keep you feeling better, look more fit, become healthier and live longer.


* Salads are delicious - fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious, so mixing them in an array of different combinations to create a salad ensures exciting meals. Salads are delicious and knowing that they are also good for you, adds to the delicious factor.

* Salads are visually satisfying - First, you eat food with your eyes. Salads have varied textures, shapes, sizes and colors which make them visually appealing and satisfying. We enjoy foods that are entice our eyes and also eat more of them.

* Eat a Different Salad - A salad does not have to be just lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. There are thousands of ingredient combinations possible for making a salad. You could have a different salad every day for years. Not only are the ingredients in the salad numberless, but there are also many salad dressing combinations that can spice up a salad.

* Salad decrease calories - as long as you don't add a bunch of fried ingredients that swim in dressing, salads are low in calories and can help you lose weight. Adding fruit and good fats such as olive oil, nuts and avocados to a salad enable the body to absorb lycopene (like tomatoes), lutein (from dark green vegetables), iron (from spinach) and other nutrients.

* Salads add fiber - eating healthy foods aid in helping the body feel energetic and filled with vitality. Salads add fiber to the diet which reduces cholesterol and constipation. High fiber salads eaten before a meal tend to help you consume less of the higher calorie foods served afterward. This fiber fullness side effect will help you lose weight.
* Crunch and munch -eating a variety of textures keeps interesting. Salad ingredients can add a nice crunch which is much better for you than munching on cookies or potato chips.

* Eat salad to stop the craving - if you have a sweet-tooth that craves sugar and candy, add fruit or a fruity dressing to the salad. Not only will this satisfy your craving, but it tastes refreshing and will re-energize you.
* Salads are fast - compared to making homemade lasagne or waiting for Chinese food to be delivered, making a salad is relatively quick. The basic salad only requires that you wash and cut the vegetables. No baking is required. After buying vegetables, washing and storing them in the refrigerator decreases the time it will take you later to prepare a salad.

* Salads are freakin healthy - Salads are high in vitamins and minerals such as: vitamin A (immunity), vitamin C (fight infection, boost iron absorption, maintain healthy bones, gums and skin), vitamin K (strong bones, heal wounds, assists blood to clot), calcium (build strong teeth and bones, assists blood to clot, nerves to carry messages, muscles contract), alpha-and beta-carotene (antioxidant that help protect against cancer and heart disease), iron (maintain healthy blood) and many other vitamins and minerals.

* Eat salads because it is hot outside - stifling heat in the summer not only curbs the appetite, but also lessens the desire to slave over a hot stove. That makes eating a salad the perfect meal when it is so hot in the summer months. Since there is no cooking required to make a salad, you won't have to worry about adding extra heat from an oven.
* Eat salads to increase vegetable intake - the perfect way to increase the number of vegetables in your diet is to eat a variety of salads often. Eating plenty of raw vegetables ensures that you are getting the benefit of the enzymes found in them. These enzymes enable your body to absorb the nutrients found in the food. More nutrient absorption leads to better health.

* Salads unlimited - there is no end to the number of recipes for salads and dressings. The only limiting factor is your imagination. Start with fresh greens like arugula, spinach and Romaine, then add a variety of colorful vegetables.
* Salad ward off disease - salads help protect the body from diseases such as cancer and heart disease because they are high in fiber which improves digestive health. The raw fruits and vegetables in a salad also are antioxidants. Just add a hand full of blueberries and walnuts to a salad to up the health factor significantly. Research has also shown that people who consume plenty of raw vegetables and good fat (olive oil) have a reduced mortality! Salads will help you live longer!

* Salad are exciting - salads are so varied, that they are exciting. Really! Think about it! You never know what you will find under the next leafy green.

Obviously I love making and eating salads. Hopefully after reading these health benefits of eating salad, you will feel more inclined to add salad as a regular item on your daily meal.


Salap Stop! is one of the most popular and successful chains in Singapore. It offers a selection of salads inspired by different flavours of the world, such as the Jai Ho! from India and Go Geisha from Japan.

Make your own salad is the best thing to try!

They chop your salad here, so its easy to eat, with a spoon. I had broccoli, mangoes, assorted of beans, tofu, and others. Not bad, tasty, quite large (also good for sharing) and have reasonable price, perfect for us health-junkie.

To complete your meal, they have selections of bottles fruit juices, or you may go with TWG tea instead!

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Cheers and don't make it STOP!

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