Fifty Shades of White: Know the Common Shades of White for your Wedding Dress

When looking for the right shade of white for your wedding dresses, you don’t have to stress yourself over again like you did when you were still on the hunt for the prefect wedding dress style.

All you need to do is to know your complexion and follow the guidelines below:

Bright White or Stark White

This is the whitest of all whites. It can give brides a glowing effect is particularly striking when worn by brides with darker complexion. This is also considered as the hardest color to wear as it can drain the color of ladies with fair to medium skin tones.


Under ivory, there are more variations that brides may have to consider. However, this is considered as the most flattering shade for almost all brides. Just be sure though to examine how a variant of ivory accentuates your eye and skin by holding a color swatch next to you face. Some ivories, have warm undertones while other have pinker tints.


This shade is a deeper shade of ivory with slight hints of beige and cream. As the name denotes, this shade meant to reflect the color of candlelight under the influence of white hue. This variant of white looks exceptionally beautiful for evening weddings, when the color’s richness matches the formality of your evening event.


This white is the deepest shade of ivory and looks almost beige or tan. Ecru is how an unbleached linen looks like. If you wish to wear something less traditional but with depth and richness, ecru is one of the shades of white to consider.

Champagne White

This is a romantic shade of white with a slight hint of pink. In low light and photos, this shade appears nearly white but accentuates well an olive or sallow skin. A deeper shade of this color is often called as rum white.

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