How to draw a full innocent looking brows w/ Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyebrow and Browcara

How to draw a full innocent looking brows, K-pop inspired.

While browsing the online world, I couldn't help but admire women having a natural straight brows.

My Natural #NoMakeupLook 

Here in Asia, particularly in Korea, natural-straight-full brows is an epitome of Korean beauty. Most if not all Korean celebrities have this brow shape. It gives definition to oval face as well as a youthful appearance. As you can see this brow shape flatters and frames the face nicely.

In the Americas, women tend to favor a bold arched brow, but in Korea, a softer, straight brow is the face framer of choice. Of course, it's a stretch to say that straight eyebrows are exclusively a Korean look; think about Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba both these ladies sport some seriously straight brows. But, the Korean take on the straight brow is the softer and not as bold.

The reason being that straight, full brows lend a youthful innocence to the face. It was a tad disturbing to realize that the logic behind this trend is that it mimics the brows of tweens, but I also realize that Korean women default to the straight brow because its not a far departure from our natural brow shape. Asian women are not typically born with arched brows, and tweezing to get them there just makes us look kinda mean.

How to get this youthful look?

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Browcara and Auto Eyebrow

To achieve that full-straight brow, you'll need an eyebrow razor, slant-tip eyebrow pencil (a few shades lighter than your hair), and a brow spoolie. Several Korean makeup brands sell eyebrow stencils to make the drawing easier, and they're a great option if you're new to the world of straight brows. Eventually, you'll want to wear yourself off them, though, because your brows will look more natural if you freehand them.

If your brows are pretty much straight or very sparse, you can skip the razor. I know, the thought of taking a razor to the eye area is crazy, but it won't be tufts of eyebrows hair you're removing - just a little cleanup and shaping. Ideally, try to get your hands on a "flamingo" razor with a long, straight edge. Any Japanese and Korean beauty stores will sell them, and you can also order then online.

Line up the razor parallel to your eye. Rake the razor up and down to clean up stray hairs and to create a straight top-of-brow. You're essentially razoring away any arch in the brow.

To fill in your brow, you could use a brow powder or mascara, but I find that a brow pencil allows for more control in creating a straight line. Go a few shades lighter than your actual hair color - unless you're blonde, in which case you should go with a dark-blonde or light-brown shade. If you have black hair, do not use a black eyebrow pencil. Instead, use a gray shade or dark brown; I promise it won't look like you're aging in the eyebrow. It'll create a softer look while still adding definition to your brows.

I suggest getting your hands on a Korean eyebrow pencil. This product is made of powder that's been pressed into a stick, and it has a dry, almost-chalky texture that goes on matte and light, which is ideal for this type of brow. The slanted tip also makes it easier to draw in short strokes for a straight, thick brow. I've got my Wonder Drawing 24-Hour Auto Eyebrow at Holika Holika store five (5) months ago, and still continue using it.

Most eyebrows dip a bit in the front, so draw a line straight out from the highest point of your brow. Fill in the empty space and sparse areas. Take the brow line out to where the eye ends. Some brows will look better if they end tapered and straight out, while some will look better tapered and angled down toward the end. Try and see what fits your face.

For the finishing touch, use a spoolie brush to direct brow hairs in the direction of natural growth, and blend away so it doesn't look like you drew your eyebrows on with a stencil (especially if you used a stencil). Another thing I add up is I use this Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Browcara for a more prep look.

So girls, how do you groom your brows? Try our tips and tell us how it looks on you! 

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