The average woman will wear 4 kilos of lipstick in her lifetime. A girls best-friend is her lipstick. The last thing we want is to be constantly touching up every 10 minutes because it just wont last! The fifties saw Hazel Bishop believe she has found the solution for all our lipstick troubles.

In the 50's lips were the next big thing. Bright, bold and full in a multitude of shades of reds, pinks and oranges, the everyday girl was able to transform her appearance with lipstick. Taking influence from Hollywood, using lip liner and lip color to change lip shape and size was the thing to be doing.
Hazel Bishop, a chemist and founder of cosmetic brand Hazel Bishop, Inc. founded the first no smear, longer lasting lipstick.

"Won't ear off, bite off kiss off, stays on you, not on him!" The slogan for the lipstick sounds like every girls dream -- no re-applying, no touching up and no worrying about smudging or fading. Article after article was written about the revolutionary invention however, the formula was made from acid dyes, this meant that it caused dryness which got worse with each application. The invention also needed a lot of effort and patience on the girls behalf in order for it not to kiss off. They were expected to wait for the lipstick to set.

It also meant that taking the lipstick off was a nightmare! Make up remover quality was far from how good it is now. Water and cleanser of the time, cold cream, struggled to remove the stain. The company tried to see the benefits of this and created a campaign "You wale up beautiful". However after endless scrubbing the lipstick turned out to be more hassle than it was worth and was discontinued by the end of the 1950's.

Without using dangerous dyes which harm your lips there's actually a number of things you can do to help make your lipstick last longer.

*Lipstick wont latch on to dry, chapped so use a lip balm morning and night to keep your lips smooth and protected.

*Prime your lips. This works for some people but not other, its worth trying because priming your lips could be your saviour! It creates a smoother surface for the lipstick to apply to and therefore lasts longer.

*Use a lip pencil. This helps prevent the lipstick from spreading and rubbing off.

*Apply once, blot with a tissue then re-apply once more. This removes oils from the first layer and the second will cling to it more easily.

How do you make your lipstick last longer? Share your beauty hacks here!

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