LUX Perfume Bath Collection – The Magical Spell {Part 1 of 4}

Would you know that the key for a long-lasting relationship is having a good sense of smell?

LUX Perfume Bath Collection

A lot of romantics and experts says that love has a dramatic effect on our senses: Admit it my friends but, we easily got very attentive to someone having a nice scent – either that someone is wearing a perfume or not (just his/her natural scent)

In the study, reported in the journal Biological Psychology, concluded that men with no sense of smell led to fewer relationships. The men with a faulty sense of smell averaged two partners compared with 10 for healthy men. One theory is that the lack of a sense of smell may make men less adventurous. They may have more problems assessing and communicating with other people. They may also be concerned about how they are perceived by others, and worry about their own body odor.

The study also shows that the women who couldn't smell well lacked confidence in their partners – although this lacking a sense of smell had no impact on their relationships with close friends, it suggests that smell plays a role for women specifically when it comes to their partners.

And here’s the truth:

Women are more concerned about the smell than about the look of a potential mate, while men are the opposite.

The sense of smell provides social information about others – it’s like a device that helps to send message to others. Its absence is related with reduced social security in men and women, and affects partnership. Men exhibit much less explorative sexual behavior and women are affected in a way that they feel less secure about their partner. The sense of smell is important for social behavior.

Nobody wants to hangout to someone with foul smell.


So now that we’ve discussed about the importance and effects of sense of smell, this study becomes the basis of most in the scents and cosmetics industry, tapping this huge market. That’s why if you will noticed, there are tons of beauty and cosmetics products with wide variety of scents are available now in the market.

One of these is the newest LUX Perfume Bath Collection. Curated with the utmost pride in collaboration with famous Master Perfumers from New York and Paris, LUX is now giving us the luxury that we deserve that we could use on our daily basis.

I took the liberty of purchasing some samples and did my #TriedAndTested Routine check. It was very exciting, as I played with these products and took time to capture some photographs.

As you could see, the latest collection is composed of four (4) luxurious variants, suited for the different taste of a woman. I know that LUX Bath Soap a product that been existed for decades and the company behind it is keep on innovating new ones to please their existing market and to tap the new.

Since I know that this review will be kind of super lengthy, I’m dividing this review into 4 parts – each for every LUX Perfume Collection variants.

Anyway, read along my comprehensive reviews about the LUX Perfume Bath Collection! You’ll get excited too for the LUX newest scents!

LUX PERFUME BATH IN MAGICAL SPELL – For Passionate Women Who Run the World

Everyone loves magic. And magic makes everyone of us feel excited, makes us curious about the mystery behind it. And that’s what this collection is all about.

Curated with New York based Master Perfumer Nicole Mancini, that took 9 months to create this sensorial masterpiece, LUX Magical Spell. With over 14 years of experience in perfumery, she was inspired to bottle the bold passion for women who run the world.

“The perfume of LUX Magical Spell puts a woman over the edge and makes her feel absolutely confident.”

The Magic Spell variant comes with a bottle of perfumed liquid bath soap, and a luxurious soap bar. The liquid bath soap has a pearlescent-purple appearance, quite creamy and so touchingly smooth. This has a very seductive and mysterious scent featuring the heart notes of Black Orchid, so rare that depicts finest and luxury.


Infused with the exotic Black Orchid and an opulent combination of dark floral notes. LUX Magical Spell delivers a captivating and alluring fragrance that lasts for 8 hours.

* TOP NOTES- Peach, Kumquat Peel, Red Currant

* HEART NOTE - Black Orchid, Peony, Jasmine, Tuberose

* BASE NOTE - Musk, Amber, Woods, Vanilla, Patchouli


With the help of modern technology, this variant has a magical spell that last for 8-hours.

Yes! Its scent last for that long! Actually it last mine for overnight, hihihi.

But this actually doesn’t applies to everyone – What I mean is, everyone is different, the scent may last long for me, but may not for others (or last even longer!).

To make sure it will last longer, I recommend to use this as before bedtime shower bath. When our body feel so-relaxed, our cells tends to relaxed too and stays our lovely scent way longer.

Does it dries your skin?

Well in my experience – NO.

After lathering it gentle to my whole body, I felt my skin becomes smooth and very touchy. Even my Amore noticed it and I admit that he couldn’t help touching me after that, hehehe

It is like your own natural scent – not soo over-powerful (that hurts your olfactory) just like the other perfumes in the market.

If you are not a fan of liquid bath soap and thinking of being savvy, The Magical Spell variant comes in a luxurious bar soap too! This beauty soap is soo pretty that they have made some etchings of flowers around. No more boring beauty soaps!

It also has the same scent with the liquid bath soap, and what the good this about this – you could carry it with you during your travel, and enjoy your relaxing bath wherever you are.

…. Yeah I’ve kinda of convinced but, how much are these luxurious perfume liquid bath soap?

Okay just relaxed because these won’t hurt your budget, and I know that my lovely readers (especially we Asians) are always after with the budget. Hehehe

The LUX Perfume Collection in Magical Spell 250ml – costs Php119.75 (which I’ve got from Robinson Stores and comes with a FREE Shower Puff!)

* In other stores, this perfume shower bath is priced for Php125.00 with / or without freebie (like in Watsons Stores).

For the beauty bar soap, the LUX Perfume Magical Spell Beauty Bar Soap costs Php 38.75 (in Robinsons Stores) and costs about Php 39.00 in other stores nationwide.

And if you are sucker for discounts (like me) you could avail this trio-pack that only costs Php101.75, that gives you a Php15.00 savings!!!! So cool right?

.. at Rustan's MarketPlace

 Am I going to purchase again?

It is a HUGE YES! I will even HAUL for it!

So if you are going to do your weekly shopping, I suggest that you buy it and try it for yourselves.
Take note that it is BEST to use it before your bedtime, to ensure the long lasting and scents, plus a nice cuddling time with your partner!

Forget about those cheaply-made perfumes. You should INVEST on these kind of beauty liquid bath soaps :D

That’s the secret for a long-lasting relationship!

 LUX Perfume Bath Collection, the LUX Magical Spell is available at all leading supermarkets, beauty stores, drugstores, and departments store nationwide

xoxo, Blair

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