Impressions and Review: Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

Know the secrets of having a great beautiful smile!

I'm just like most Asians who was born having a light yellowish teeth and there are times that I felt a little uncomfortable to show some huge smile because of it. 

I love taking coffee, teas, and dining with red wine which also causes my  teeth stains.

But luckily, that simple situation doesn't bothered me anymore.

Nowadays there are lots more improved toothpaste that will gives us a more lighter to whiter teeth -- just like this Colgate Optic White Toothpaste promising a whiter teen for seven (7) days.

I tried using this toothpaste when I've got two (2) samples from the BDJ Box that was sent to me months back. 

Its slick red-shiny packaging (I actually find it a bit sexy) which is quite attractive.

Its white paste is very refreshing that will gives you a clean, whiter teeth and more fresh breath. 

Although the whitening effects took three (3) days on me, I'm happily using it for more than a month now (6 weeks to be exact), I enjoyed brushing my teeth with Colgate Optic White which gives me more brighter smile everyday!

Ratings: 4 Stars

Where to buy: Available on most supermarket, and beauty stores nationwide

Aside from having a beautiful and shiny hair, don't you think that having a beautiful smile is one of the best accessories that you'll have?

xoxo, Blair

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  1. Colgate just making a refreshing new look and its quite impressive, I hope you just checked the content before use this product, because USA has banned this product for using fluorine..
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