Moodscents - How to find your best perfume based on your mood?

How to find your best perfume based on your mood?
Moodscents - How to find your best scent based on your mood?

How to find your best perfume based on your mood?

With tons of fragrances around, how do you know what's best for you?

I'm also like you, that sometimes spends time (sometimes hours) thinking, testing, having seconds thoughts, on what scents suits me best. Of course, I sometimes worry about getting the wrong one -- I don't want to be identified as a lady who smells overpowering, and smells like car freshener.
Recently, I've hacked a simplest way to choose my best or I should say, perfect scents for me.

The secret?

Use your style as your perfect guide.

Like fashion and beauty your scent should fit your mood and where you're going. 

If I'm going to meet clients, I wear something subtle. And when I'm going out with my Amore, I wear something romantically sexy (his favorite but doesn't admit it) for our perfect night together. I call it an invisible finishing touch!

Moodcents I Smart, and I Charm
Moodcents I Smart, and I Charm

Recently, I was approached by JCScents team to try their latest scents. I like the concept of their scents, branded as Moodscents - helping us to choose our scents based on our mood and personality. The latest Moodscents collection comes in 4 variants, I Charm - for an alluring mood, I Smart - when you are in an intellectual mood, I Play for sporty type, and I Simple for a more modest and calm mood. All these come with cute and fun artsy packaging which I find it attractive too, perfect gifts for our amigas.

Currently, they are offering the Eau de Parfum for only Php620 per 50ml bottle.

MoodScents review

MoodScents I Charm review

I Charm is my favorite parfum, because it perfectly suits my personality. It uplifts my mood making me to widen my horizons and be more creative on my crafts. Which is very helpful! 

With the combination notes of Passionfruit, Honeysuckle and Jasmine, Moodscents I Charm is perfect for fun, flirty and charming personality!

When I want to play up my girly side in a pink frock or a frilly number, I spritz on a sugary, gourmand scent. Based on my observations, there is an addictive quality to these smells that attracts people to you.

You may also check on scents with other fruity notes such as plum, and pear, or intoxicating sugarcane, coffee bean, and caramel. Sweet florals like lily of the valley are equally playful.

MoodScents I Charm review

MoodScents I Smart review

If you have a Smarty Personality, I recommend you the Moodscents I Smart - with a combination notes of Patchouli, Orange, Turkish Rose which will boost your thinking momentum, and also attractive good vibes.

Also, best for warm rainy days—the fresh notes were inspired by the air after a tropical rainstorm.

MoodScents I Smart and I Charm review

Where can we buy this?!

If you enjoy shopping online, you may also check Moodscents available now at Lazada

MoodScents I Smart and I Charm review

For now you won’t find it in your favorite malls and beauty stores, but they are available for order by visiting their website and social media accounts, available on Facebook and IG: @Moodscents 

MoodScents I Smart and I Charm review

Ohh Look! They have new products available!! Soo excited!!

I also recommend that you keep tabs on their Facebook account as they regularly gives awesome giveaways and promotions!

xoxo, Blair

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