Top 10 Couples' Favorite Vacation Spots During Valentine's Day according to Agoda

Bruges, Belgium

Agoda, one of the world's leading accommodation sites and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq:PCLN), announced today the results of its most recent Travel Smart survey, which shows the destinations most favored by couples.
The study looked at millions of bookings and reviews on Agoda made by couples and singles. Customers on Agoda are asked to rate their vacation destination after their stay on a scale of 1-10.
Bruges, Belgium topped the global list of destinations with an 8.8, the highest overall rating*. This medieval town looks like it's straight out of a fairytale, so it's no surprise that it was so popular with couples. Verona, legendary home of literature's most famous star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, came in a close second with an 8.7. Hoi An, Vietnam, another charming town seeped in history, came in third with 8.6.
One thing most destinations on the list have in common is that they are smaller cities and have significant cultural attractions to draw in visitors. Many are also historic centers filled with architectural beauty.

"Famous destinations, such as Paris and London, tend to draw in more visitors," said John Brown, Agoda's Chief Operating Officer, "but experienced travelers know that the types of destinations on this list can often offer an even deeper travel experience and more opportunities to connect to the culture. Take Vilnius for example, it's one of Europe's most charming cities, but it still feels like an undiscovered gem."

It wasn't only couples who favored these destinations. Solo travelers, too, ranked them highly. Their top 10 list was almost identical except that it included Crete, Greece and not Krakow, Poland.

*This study looked at destinations with more than 30,000 reviews. The overall ratings have been rounded up.
Top 10 Couples Favorite Vacation Spots During Valentine's Day
Top 01 - Bruges, Belgium - 8.8

Top 02 - Verona, Italy - 8.7

Top 03 - Hoi An, Vietnam - 8.6

Top 04 - Vilnius, Lithuania - 8.6

Top 05 - Santorini, Greece - 8.5

Top 06 - Marrakesh, Morocco - 8.5

Top 07 - Porto, Portugal - 8.5

Top 08 - Budapest, Hungary - 8.5

Top 09 - Dubrovnik, Croatia - 8.5

Top 10 - Krakow, Poland - 8.4

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