5 Ways To Make Your Pencil Skirt New Again

A perennial staple in the working girl’s wardrobe, the pencil skirt has been a symbol of “boss lady” status ever since we can remember. Simply slipping on one of these long, slender skirts is sure to give you all the confidence you need to hop on conference calls and speak up in meetings. However, though we career gals love our pencil skirts, the workplace wardrobe mainstays can sometimes get a little stale.

Fashion girls in the working world can’t stand to wear the same uniform over and over again (contrary to Matilda Kahl’s uniquely admirable, self-imposed “uniform,” which she speaks about in Business Insider). For those of us who spend five days a week in the same place (and aren’t Matilda Kahl), we need a little variety to keep things interesting—and if that variety comes in the form of attire, then let it be so.

Here are some styling tips to freshen up your pencil skirt for a whole week’s worth of “new” outfits:

1. Add stockings

Stockings have the power to make you look more professional, covering your “bare legs.” However, they can also be used to make your outfit a little more fun. Career site Monster suggests to wear a fashion color that matches your shoes for appropriate flair.

2. Pair With Embellishments

One way to give your old pencil skirt a new sparkle is to pair it with an embellished cardigan or top. Embellished details are hot on the style scene, and if you’re self-conscious about a curvy bottom, they’re a great way to draw attention to your slimmer half.

3. Wear Colorful Pumps

There is a time and place for your lace-up stilettos, and it’s probably not 8:30 a.m. at the office. However, you can still spice up your work look by wearing a pair of quirky yet appropriate pumps. A classic red shoe goes a long way with a dominantly black wardrobe, though Lyst points out that any pair of heels, regardless of color, is the perfect complement to a pencil skirt (and they give more tips here).

4. Go Higher

There have been a slew of reports that high-waist skirts are all the rage in London, and that New Yorkers are still a little slow to catch on to it. Prove you’re style savvy and up-to-speed wherever you're located with a chic skirt hitting above the belly button. Any look you choose will be instantly on-trend.

5. Belt it

Seemingly simple, adding a skinny leather belt to your ensemble gives you a new focal point and a fresh, polished appearance. Belts are perfect accessories for the office because they don’t look “flashy” like some jewellery can be. You can dress a look down with a brown belt, or spiff it up with a shiny black one.

It doesn’t take a huge shopping spree to freshen your work wardrobe, just a bit of repurposing the items you likely already have. The pencil skirt is a versatile staple sure to yield many office ensembles that don’t have to be “repeats.” Simply try new accessories with your skirt or inch up the cinch on your waist, and you’ve got endless possibilities with just one garment!

image via: http://magazine.foxnews.com/style-beauty/10-ways-make-pencil-skirt-work-you

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