Fire Drill and A Quick Stop at Manam Restaurant

I honestly forgot that there’s a fire drill last Thursday morning, maybe because I find it not too important in my pipeline… but there are some who find it necessary.

Yes, I appreciate having this kind of drill – fire or earthquake drill, it is fun actually! Aside from you will know where you gonna lurk yourself when that disaster happens, and all the first-aid procedures – the practical good thing is, you will have an opportunity to go stop what you are doing at work, and get some fresh air outside.

But not in my case… I find it a little irritating.

Irritating because I overlooked the possibility that the drill will start at around 10:00AM-ish like it used to. But last Thursday it started earlier by 9:30ish and I haven’t clocked-in.

I’ve been doing this drill many times and I know how long you have to wait outside the open-park until everyone is out of the building, done inspections, blah, blah, blah, and more blah…

And I won’t let myself bake under the heat of the sun, because the company won’t pay you for the sun-burns and possible skin cancer.

Okay enough for this silly rant.

So why would I wait outside where I can wait in a nice place fully air-conditioned and do review, right?

I walked around my building (NET LIMA) and checked the newly-opened Filipino restaurant in NET PARK.

It makes me feel relief that it only had few customers inside, and I could sit somewhere quiet and enjoys review-me-time.

Manam Restaurant serves Filipino-inspired dishes, like anything you think Filipino it’s there.

Me, curious like a naughty cat I ordered Ensaladang Pako, Fresh Lumpiang Ubod and rice without thinking (maybe because I haven’t taken my breakfast and my mind is not functioning well).

Speaking of breakfast – they also served All-Day Happiness Breakfast (because that’s one of Filipino traits, we eat breakfast food for lunch, snacks or even dinner.

For us Pinoys, breakfast food is not for breakfast alone.

I’m quite impressed with its interior and good lights – and I like that they have high-ceilings. I think they also have a second floor, where their kitchen is also located, but I haven’t got chance to go upstairs.

With this good ambiance, this is also perfect for bringing your chic friends, or do lunch meetings here with your clients.

The good thing of visiting a restaurant and do review in the morning, right after they open is that you can at least sure that the ingredients are still fresh and well-prepared (well that’s what I believe).

I don’t cook, and only knows very few dishes… but at least I have acquired good palate on food.
If you are curious too about their dishes, check these menu snapshots I took.

As soon as my food arrived, I realized I ordered something not for my brunch – apparently, I ordered a salad and an appetizer, with rice????

Hahahahaaha I know.

Fresh Lumpiang ubod with rice (php75.00)

Ensaladang Pako (php95.00) fern, salted egg, tomatoes, tinapa flakes, vinaigrette.

Most of you would say “that’s weird” or “is that enough?” or the most common “will that makes you full and satisfied?”

(Even the food-lady raised her brows when I only ordered these, hahaha)

Apparently, all answers YES.

I’m kind of weird with my food choices… and I’m not good in measuring healthy intakes.. I only estimate.

Plus, I’m not a fan of eating meat like pork and beef – just not my preference.

Anyway, these two dishes taste good!!! I’m not wrong about the morning-routine-belief, hahaha.

If happen you got lost in Bonifacio Global City, you may check-in  Manam Restaurant located at the ground floor of NET Park Building, 4th Avenue corner 26th Street.

Nothing makes more fun to have a spontaneous break, enjoying good food and place, plus reviewing of course!

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  1. This restaurant seems like a really nice place to go on a date or an anniversary dinner. I know where to reserve my table when my date night is up.

    1. Hello Leo,

      Yeah can be. A family dinner will do :) But a romantic date, there is more better restaurant.


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