EXPOSE ALERT: Damaged Parcel, Lost Packages and Slum Taguig Post Office, Updated May 2016

Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines

UPDATED MAY 24, 2016:

Just this morning, I got sooooo excited to picked-up my parcel from Taguig Post Office, and also worried because I already anticipated the horrible taxes that I will pay.

From Market Market, I commuted going to Taguig Post Office via UV Express or FX (transportation fare of Php25.00) just until the corner road going to Pure Gold Taguig. Then I took a jeep bound to Hagonoy (transportation fare of Php8.00) then stopped at the from of Taguig Post Office, which I guess took me 15 minutes travel time via jeep.

Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines

I was initially applauded when I saw that the building is newly painted. I thought everything also changes including the interior, but there is none.

The interior looks the same, chaotic like a huge stock room, actually, it seems to get worst.

Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines

So I went to this counter when they asked me to pay Php112.00 postal tax for my parcel. I didn't ask furthermore why I have to pay because it will cause me another stress, and I don't want to waste my time.

Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines

Months back, they only asked me to pay Php100.00 for my parcel (as I stated in the previous post below).

Anyway, I paid the required postal tax and politely thanked them. In this situation, you have to control yourself and not show your true emotions because you will only end up with nothing.

So what I did is I secretly filmed my 17minutes journey inside the post office.

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yeah, that was my parcel and someone is lashing and ripping my package! Huhuhu
The post-officer lady (auntie in purple top) commented

Auntie: .... ganda naman. (it's pretty).. Magkano siya Mam? (How much is this Mam?)
Me: Ah hindi ko po alam kasi niregalo lang po kasi yan nung anu... nirelago lang po nung company. (Ah, I don't know really, because it is just a gift... a gift from a company).

Then she checked the plastic package, to verify its declared value. And when she saw that its $0.00 she gave my parcel to that guy beside him and he stapled it.
I want to shout that time and say...

MY PARCEL IS RAPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This video clip is before I claimed my package, wherein that Auntie (she's ahead of me) is about to claim her 3 packages but can't be located by this uncle. Well, just see how they work... they only rely on that logbook to locate the packages.

Here is my cry for the new government...

#DearPresidentDuterte please do something about our postal services...huhuhu  grrrrhh



How many of you have experienced having a feeling of disaster when getting your package via our postal services?

I believe many… hundreds. Or even thousands!

Years ago I haven’t got any problems receiving my packages, I mean ANY PACKAGES via postal services. When I was still based in Makati City, most of the instances I never paid any taxes. But there are few times I did and always asked me to pay the storage fee of 40.00pesos. Not bad actually, it is just a very small amount. My package arrived on time and was safe.

But things got different when I changed my residence here in Taguig City.

I like this place, really especially uptown in Bonifacio Global City. A good place to live and work, having nice and cozy restaurants, stylish shopping malls, very urban.

Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines
Except for one thing – I don’t like the postal service.

Months ago, I got my firsthand experience of visiting the Taguig Post Office to get my packages from my PR friends based in California. The packages are expected to arrive in 10 to 15 days, but I got the postal notice on its 45th day. Anyway, what do I expect right?

So I paid them a visit, they checked my packages just like the others – they opened it and checked if mine is contraband (lol). After that, they asked me to pay 100pesos as a postal tax.

Not that I don’t like paying the tax (which I understand it is already been paid beforehand) but I’m kind of irritating about the inconveniences I’ve experienced.

Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines

Taguig Post Office is located at Lower Bicutan, Taguig near residential areas, and I admit it is very far from my place. I almost got lost searching for this office, and the roads going in here are quite narrow.

Situated in an old building, with no air-conditioning just some ceiling fans and open doors and windows.

Below are some of my snap-shots inside the post office. I tried to look unsuspicious while taking photos, while one of the attendants is processing my packages for pick-up.

Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines
Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines
See how chaotic and messed-up this office is?!!

Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines

This is another reason why some packages are gone lost! Looks really like a dumpster in a dumpster!

Security is too lousy, there’s a possibility that thief arise.

Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines
This is worst than my office’s stock room.
Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines

This is the last package I’ve got via Philpost back in October 2014. Contained some items from my PR friends in Singapore, and was delivered to my office more than a month after its shipment, along with this attached leaflet.

Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines
Have you also got this leaflet?
Philippine Postal Corporation, Taguig Postal Office, postal office in the Philippines

I am disappointed of course… If I keep on having patience and continue to use their services, I would feel negative instead of feeling excited about receiving my packages. Not anymore. It had to stop.

So for now when ordering and buying items overseas, I use FedEx or DHL. It doesn’t matter if I pay extra bucks, as long as I have peace of mind and I have an assurance that my items are safe, and will be delivered on time and intact.

Have you encountered a similar (or worst) situation with PhilPost? Join our conversation!

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  1. Hi there, sorry to hear of your experience with Taguig Post Office... I had the same experience with a USPS parcel, it arrived after a month or so, inside a plastic with the same note. But that is fine since everything was intact and in good condition except for the box. Unfortunately, a letter from the USA never reached me... It was sent via regular mail so there was no tracking number. I was told that they couldn't do anything about it since it cannot be tracked. I wonder what happened to the letter. I cannot think of a good reason why it wouldn't reach me so this remains a mystery.

    In all fairness, the person in your photos is so far, only one of the very few people there whose manner and actions are professional as I have observed having gone there more than a few times the past months. The post office needs a new building that can accomodate all the mail and parcels and the employees need a seminar on proper work etiquette and professionalism. I saw this older lady employee sitting in the parcel room once busy with her mirror while the man in your photos was busy accomodating people claiming their packages.

    1. I agree with you. Most of the people in the post offices are oldies, and they need refresher course about professionalism and etiquette. Though it is a challenge because, most old employees are having hard time to adopt for new policies.

  2. The mayor (calling the attention of Mayor Lani Cayetano) should do something about Taguig City Post Office... it obviously needs a bigger building and more storage/shelves, there aren't even any shelves for these parcels as seen in your photos. This is clearly not the post office staff's fault. The facility needs an overhaul. Hopefully they also install CCTV cameras to monitor the employees and for safety and security purposes as well.

    1. I agree. I think the way they try to update the Bureau of Customs should also update the postal office. Geez ang daming nawawalang packages!

      I never use their services again.

  3. I just pick up mine today and HELL, my parcel are also open before hand and it looks like they just sealed it with packaging tape, then when I count the items, there are some items that are missing T.T ... those items are orders and i just help them buy it now i have to pay them back for the item that are missing T.T

    abonado pa ko ehh ang mahal nun huhuhu

    1. awww I'm sorry that this happened to you. Matagal na akong hindi nagpapadala thru PH postal Office kasi talagang hindi mapagkakatiwalaan. I rather pay additional fee sa mga private couriers, sigurado pang safe.

      Wag ka na umulit..


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