What to Wear to a Beach Wedding [Infographic]

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Wondering how to get the perfect look for your beach wedding? Whether you’re going for a semiformal event or a casual affair, there’s still a chance of overdressing when it comes to beach weddings. Here are some useful style tips to help you find the right balance in your beach wedding look.

Finding the right dress 

Since beach weddings are all about simplicity, you better ditch the big dress and the dressy heels. In fact, you might want to avoid wearing a veil too. Go for dresses made of lightweight materials but make sure you choose one that flatters your body type. Take a look at what type of dresses are ideal for different body shapes:

• Hourglass – Mermaid gowns, tight-fitting skirts, figure-hugging dresses. These are ideal for showing off those curves.
• Pear-shaped – Halter necks, wide necklines, wide straps, and detailed bodice. The idea is to draw attention towards the upper body.
• Full-figured – Empire waistlines and deep V-necks. Thin straps and puffy sleeves are a complete no-no for this body type.
• V-shaped – A-line dresses, empire waistlines, and V-necks. Avoid unflattering looks like tight-fitting skirts, cowl necks, and puffed sleeves.

Choosing the right look for a groom

Grooms have plenty of options when it comes to beach wedding attire. However, it’s important that your looks complement each other. Let’s find out what type of styles your groom could go for:

• Simple and smart – Linen trousers, crisp tailored shirt, espadrilles or deck shoes. You could choose the colors based on your wedding color scheme.
• Classy casual – Black linen trousers, French cuff shirt, summer blazer, and boat shoes. Maybe a shell boutonniere will complete this look.
• Chic summer casual – Tailored shorts, tailored white shirt, and dark summer blazer. Choose a quirky beach-themed boutonniere like a starfish or a seashell.
• Funky – Pinstripe shorts, French cuff shirt, and white derby shoes. Maybe you could add a fun bow tie or quirky cufflinks.

There are endless styling possibilities for something as beautiful as a beach wedding. To get more ideas and tips on creating the perfect beach wedding look, check out the below beach wedding infographic.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding
Image courtesy: Wedding Tropics

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing these tips on what to wear for a beach wedding. I am impressed with these ideas. I will have a beach wedding at one of wedding venues Los Angeles and these tips will be quite helpful for me.


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