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restylane skinboosters review

Hey ladies!

I would like to start this another post by thanking all of you for following (or stalking) this blog, especially to our awesome readers who are keep on trusting us! I couldn’t contain my happiness each time you guys are messaging me on Facebook, IG, or via email and I am very much happy to help you with your inquiries :D

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our beauty fanatics who refer to this blog for their skin treatments. Our previous posts here, here, and here got tons of inquiries from our readers, and I, together with my Restylane family are very happy that we helped you in so many ways for your own skin treatments.

So last month on the 9th of April, I’ve visited the Skin 101 Clinic at White Plains Katipunan Branch for my skin booster treatment.

restylane skinboosters review

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And I am honestly telling you ladies and gents that these are my beauty secrets in achieving younger-looking ME, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

So as I’m saying, I went to Skin 101 Clinic - administered by visiting Dr. Jennie for my scheduled Skin Booster treatment.

What is Restylane Skinbooster?

Restylane Skin Boosters are stabilized hyaluronic molecules of non-animal origin, in a smooth pure crystal clear gel state produced by patented NASHA technology. It resembles the skin’s own hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in the skin for restoring hydro balance, and in turn making the skin look plump, smooth, and elastic.

restylane skinboosters review

How Restylane Skinboosters works?

You can expect a healthy glow and lasting deep skin hydration

Restylane Skinboosters treatments create luminous skin in a natural way by gently and naturally smoothening the skin from the inside. It works by increasing the hydration within the skin to provide lasting moisture and improve the skin's surface.

restylane skinboosters review

restylane skinboosters review

I admit – those topical skincare cosmetics that we used daily give quite some time (a month or two) before we achieve the nice result that we expect. With skin booster treatment, it gives you that beautiful glow and you’ll see it in a week or two, (or could be less than a week, depends on your genes).

It is an SOP (standard operating procedure) to cleanse first the skin area and topped it with topical cream anesthesia (waiting time for 20 to 30 minutes) before the injecting session. For first-timers – don’t worry. Everything is safe and you have time to chill while waiting for the next step.

Expect the Hydrating microinjections

restylane skinboosters review

After removing my anesthesia cream, time for my session!

For this session, Dr. Jennie used Restylane Skin Boosters Vital Light with Lidocaine (Lidocaine is another form of anesthesia).  Each treatment involves a series of hydrating microinjections of long-lasting hyaluronic acid, also called stabilized HA, a water-loving substance found naturally in the body that maintains hydration in the skin.

restylane skinboosters review

With this treatment, Dr. Jennie used 1ml of Restylane Skinbooster Vital Light on each cheek, a total of 2ml. Dr. Jennie does multiple injections on my cheeks (a think a total of 40 injections on both cheeks).

Stabilized HA is a soft, gel-like substance that absorbs water and brings deep skin hydration to the treated areas, giving it improved firmness, elasticity, and smoothness.

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Another coolest thing about Restylane Skin Boosters is the so-called SmartClick syringe technology.
The Restylane Skinbooster SmartClick system is an innovative tool to help physicians to administer Restylane Skinbooster in an optimal way allowing physicians to see, feel, and now hear how they are treating patients. Thus, it perfectly assures its safety for its patients :D

restylane skinboosters review

1ml syringe on each cheek – not bad for achieving a healthy and radiant glow!

restylane skinboosters review

After injecting both my cheeks, they put some ice on my cheeks to minimize the swelling and redness effect brought by injections. I tell you it’s not painful at all ;D

restylane skinboosters review

So this is me a few minutes after the session. Notice that my cheek is swelling and have little bumps (pink circle) after the injections. Gladly, the swelling just disappear after few hours and really wasn’t that bad. Those in red circles are the pimple marks that I’ve got a week ago during my menstruation period and are not related to my treatment.

Side effects like minor bruises and slight redness around the treatment area are normal, and these are just temporary so don’t freak out. It will gradually subside for few days (or for some may take up to 2 weeks).

restylane skinboosters review

Here are some recommended measures during the time your skin is in a process after treatment:

1. Avoid applying make-up to the skin immediately after treatment. The light cover-up may be used to conceal any remaining redness after about 24 hours. So if you are thinking of having a treatment, make sure to check your calendar and choose the time and date wherein you will be not busy, so you have time to rest if you prefer.

2. If can’t avoid wearing make-up due to your nature of work, a yellow-toned concealer may be used to hide signs of bruising. To cover the redness, use a slight green/yellow tone concealer.

3. Do not expose your skin to excessive sun or extreme cold until after any initial swelling or redness subsided.

4. To help reduce the swelling, put some ice on around the treatment area.





restylane skinboosters review
Me on April 16 – Seven (7) days after Restylane Skinbooster treatment; Four(4) months and six (6) days after my Restylane Dermal Fillers Chin and Cheeks Augmentation.

restylane skinboosters review
April 22 – Thirteen (13) days after my Restylane skin booster treatment; Four(4) months and twelve (12) days after my Restylane Dermal Fillers Chin and Cheeks Augmentation.

When can I expect a radiant and glowing result?

You’ll see the effect after a week or two (or in some cases on the 3rd day after the treatment). Over time, the quality of your skin changes – collagen and elastic fibers disintegrate, and the spread and function of the body’s own hyaluronic acid change, making your skin drier, rougher, and less elastic.

Which part of my body can I use Restylane Skin Booster?

Restylane Skinboosters treatments can be used to improve the general skin quality of your face but also to improve exposed and sensitive areas such as your neck, dΓ©colletage, and hands as well as areas with acne-scarred skin (but only to shallow acne-scares).

Treatment program

A typical treatment program with Restylane Skinboosters is made up of three initial treatment sessions 2 to 4 weeks apart.
The initial 3-treatment program is done once and after that one treatment about every 6 months is recommended.

Is Restylane skin booster safe for pregnant and lactating women?

Restylane is proven to be safe and FDA approved. However, not every person has the same kind of genes, so if you are pregnant and you want this treatment, then it will be at your own choice and risk.

Apart from women, is Restylane can also be used by other genders?

It is a HUGE YES! Restylane products don't discriminate and are all applicable to any gender.

restylane skinboosters review

May 15 – Thirty-six (36) days after my skin booster treatment. I’ve noticed its gradual effect on its 2nd weeks and as days passed by, my skin becomes more glowing and radiant! My face becomes more plump and healthy. It’s crazy but it works! Drinking lots and lots and lots of water really helps too! Allow don't deprive yourself of sunscreen lotion :D

restylane skinboosters review

How much does Restylane Skinbooster cost?

Restylane Skin Booster cost around Php15,000 to Php20,000.

In Singapore, I’ve checked that prices range from SG$750 to SG$800 (roughly Php28,000) per vial/syringe. For more pricing information, you may contact Restylane Philippines at info.restylane.ph@gmail.com and official website www.proofirl.com/ph

Can I get it via eBay or any discount e-commerce site?

I personally don’t recommend you buy it online especially selling at a too-good-to-be-true kind of price. Restylane Philippines doesn’t sell it in Lazada or any other eCommerce site. In order to get the genuine one, contact Restylane Philippines directly.

What you and everyone else will see is wonderful and radiant skin. Book your appointment now at Skin 101 White Plains and ask for Dr. Jennie (she’s my favorite!)

xoxo, Blair

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  1. That looks very interesting. You were beautiful before and even more afterwards. ;-)

    1. Thank you dear! Sometimes there is nothing wrong trying something new beauty tricks :)

  2. It's good to see non-traditional beauty products making their way around. Thank you for sharing

    1. exactly! And its a big business and it seems the industry is getting more bigger and bigger!

  3. I'm a beauty junkie, but I'm more about skin care, so that's why I love when people talks about their routine. As for the the treatment you're talking about, I don't know if I would ever be able to do it. I hate needles and even if it's a medical treatment, I guess that takes some courage to step into it. It's good to see! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I was hesitating to try at first... But as an influencer, I will do anything for the sake of delivering the right information for my readers

  4. Interesting, although I'm not sure about the injections, I don't like needles very much! I use a cream I used for years, but maybe it's time to change!

    1. it wasn't that bad, but have this kind of treatment is about your choice. These are just alternative ways. :)

  5. I will so that you can for instance I’ve found it has the constant effects on it has the other many days design a short time surpassed by way of, this dermis results in being extra enthusiastic plus lively! This facial area results in being extra fat plus healthy and balanced. It’s mad but it surely will work! Enjoying quite a lot plus quite a lot and much much more waters seriously will help very!

  6. How much it cost for injection

  7. How much it cost for injection


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