I Tried the Lipo Cavitation at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics And Here's the Result

Lipo Cavitation Experience at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

Republished: February 13, 2017
Originally Posted: July 16, 2015

What it takes for you to look beautiful inside and out?
I'd say I'll take those harmless and safe way to achieve what I want.

Yes, everyone has the right to be beautiful. Anyone who says no, is a complete idiot.

You are born to have those beautiful and flawless skin, then you should celebrate! You are so lucky to have beautiful genes, and you should take care of it.

You are born to have not so good skin then don't worry, everything's could be fixed nowadays. We are surrounded by lots of cosmetic and medical aesthetic clinics that would help us to good and feel beautiful. 

Lipo Cavitation Experience at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

One of these clinic is the located at 1st Avenue corner 31st Street of Bonifacio Global City.
The Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics aims to provide quality services on Aesthetics anchored by Dr. Emehly Sevilla-Castillo, a dedicated professional in the field of beauty and wellness.

Lipo Cavitation Experience at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

Lipo Cavitation Experience at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

We've got an opportunity to visit their clinic few weeks ago. The clinic has a unique concept of treatment planning which top priority is given to sterilization and patient information, consultation and explanation of treatment before and after the treatment per se.

Lipo Cavitation Experience at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

They offer clients with a comprehensive range of medical aesthetic treatment with minimal or no downtime at all, from laser skin treatments, non-surgical facelifts, fillers, botox, peels, facials, non-invasive body contouring (oh I love this!), and many more.

Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics staff composed of highly qualified therapists, nurses and wellness consultants, well experienced with regards to the treatments they offer.

Lipo Cavitation Experience at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

I felt so adventurous so I said yes to try their latest body sculpting combo treatment: an hour and a half of treatment with the combination of Lipo Cavitation / RF / Bodytoning.

I know that I don't need another weight lost treatment (because I think mine is good enough, and my boyfriend loves it), but then a little adventure is good too.

Lipo Cavitation Experience at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

I felt skeptic about losing wait by using these kind of machine. I mean, does it really works? How much cash to I have to roll just to achieve a slimming form everyone is fantasizing with.

Luckily all these questions got some answers, thanks for Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics for inviting me over. And hell yeah, I said yes! Anyway, it's not a regular occasion that I've got try some new stuffs.

For the next 1 1/2 hour session, I was just lying there feeling relax (and a little sleepy) while my therapist Marichu is taking charge of my tummy massage.

So what is Lipo Cavitation Treatment?

It is the latest no pain instantly effective technology for body shaping treatment which is highly and visibly effective weight loss management but it is the "must have" for to get rid of flabby arms, tummy.

Cavitation technology utilizes strong sound waves of 40 KHZ to vibrate the fat cells vigorously, creating expanding air bubbles inside the cells that eventually disrupt and bast down the fat cell membrane. This is further decomposed into glycerol and free fatty acid that is channeled out via the body lymph drainage system.

Initially it was a little uncomfortable and ticklish for me but after that it was all fine. For a slimming treatment with no extreme measures or pain, the results were pretty impressive.

Lipo Cavitation Experience at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

Lipo Cavitation Experience at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

Lipo Cavitation Experience at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

Lipo Cavitation Experience at VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

30 minutes of Focused LipoCavitation, 30 minutes of Lift & Tight Multipolar RF Therapy, and 30 minutes of Bodytoning. It was AMAZING!!!

Seriously, its so liberating. Think about losing your unwanted tummy weight, just lying my back so relax. This is perfect for ladies who doesn't like spending time on crowded gym, and hate sweating a lot.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with my treatment because I went there with no expectations and they even told me that the results might not be obvious on me because of my figure, but hey..

At the end of my session, I've lost 10cm of my tummy! Can you believe that?!

hhmm but how much does it cost per session?

Good questions... but the only I can say is - if you want to stay beautiful, you have to INVEST. These type of wellness doesn't go cheap, because their facilities, doctors and technicians, products, and the way they take care their clients are WORLD CLASS.

Me and Ms. Maureen Roy of VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics Me and Ms. Maureen Roy of VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics

So I'm ending my post with a stupendous THANK YOU to Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics for letting me try out this treatment. It was absolutely something new but also something I truly enjoyed!

Services Offered:

*Skin intensive treatment
 facial skin spa | oxygen facial hydration | micro exfoliation | micro chemical peel | meso rejuvenation with cryoporation | chelation therapy

*Acne & Acne Scars Treatments
 acne facial | intralesional injection | mesoporation for acne  | fractional needling with cryoporation

*Skin Pigmentation & Whitening treatments
 mesotherapy for whitening | intramelasmal injection | glutathione and vitamin C IV |  Fractional Needling with Cryoporation | Laser Treatment

*Vine's Natural Face Lift & Contour
 Mesolipotherapy |  Platelet Rich Plasma | Power Cell Lift (fine thread lifting)

*Body Whitening & Smoothening
 Powerpeel Microdermabrasion | Micro-exfoliation | Micro-Chemical Peel | L-glutathione with Vitamin C

*Non-Surgical Body Sculpting
 Focused LipoCavitation | Mesolipotherapy | LipoMesoporation | LipoCryosculpt | Lift & Tight Multipolar RF Therapy

*Removal of Unwanted Hairs
 Laser Hair Removals

*Skin Health (warts, Syringoma)
 Warts, Mole & Milia removal | Syringomas and keloids therapy

*Sclerotherapy (varicose vein therapy)
Laser Treatment | Sclerotherapy

*Chin, Cheeks & Nose Augmentation

*Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging Therapy
 Fractional Needling | Laser Skin Rejuvenation | Meso Rejuvenation oxygen therapy |  Glutathione, Vitamin C and Placenta IV | Collagen IV | Botox  | Lip, Nose, Chin and Cheek Sculpting

*Hair Revitalization Therapy
 Mesotherapy with electroporation | Oxygen scalp therapy | Fractional Needling for Hair Growth | Platelet Rich Plasma for Scalp Renewal

*Eyebags Treatment
Mesolipotherapy | Mesoporation | Cryoporation | Platelet Rick Plasma for eyebags

*Stretch Marks Correction
 Microexfoliation | Deep Chemical Peel | Fractional Needling | Platelet Rich Plasma

*Weight Management
 L-Carnitine IV | Herbal Diet Supplements | Nutritional Counseling

*Cellulite Treatment
  Lift & Tight Multipolar RF | Mesocellulite | Mesoporation | Cryoporation

*Wrinkle Correction

*Other Services, like:
 Vine's signature massage | Manicure | Pedicure | Handspa | Footspa

Address: Unit 2H Mezzanine Level, The Grand Hamptons Tower II, 1st Avenue corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Phone: 0917-859-0642 / 0917-631-5883
       (02) 217-2687 / (02) 964-9338



She's a Doctor of Aesthetic, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She is certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, an Associate Fellow of the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery, and an associate fellow of the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age Management Medicine. She is also certified by the American Council of Exercise as a Group Fitness Instructor and is also a well-known fitness nutrition specialist certified by the International Sports Sciences Association.

She conceptualized Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics as the go-to destination when it comes to aesthetics, wellness and beauty care. In order to meet clients' high expectations, Doctor EM continues to seek further knowledge in her field in order to keep abreast of all the latest developments in beauty and wellness and widen her experience and expertise when it comes to aesthetics, anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She also makes it a point to take time to listen to her clients in order to make the correct recommendations, and explain the importance of motivation and commitment, which are the only means to achieve satisfaction.


VINE Holistic Medical Aesthetics
Address: Unit 2H Mezzanine Level, The Grand Hamptons Tower II, 1st Avenue corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Phone: 0917-859-0642 / 0917-631-5883
       (02) 217-2687 / (02) 964-9338


  1. I need to lose some fats and shape up after all the CNY feasting also.

    1. Am rooting for you Sunshine.. I need it again because summer is approaching! LOL

  2. I'd try this out! I've pushed out two babies and my stomach isn't as flat and pretty as it once was.

    1. LOL I can't help but laugh when you said "you pushed two babies" :) You are really cool Mom!

  3. The weight management and cellulite treatment sounds intriguing! I like that there are doctors you can work with so you know it is backed by medical professionals.

    1. Yes Divya, they are very approachable and hands-on to their clients. :)

  4. I would so be doing the acne treatment! I have skin like a teenager. If only I lived in Thailand.

    1. You can check the nearest clinic to your area and asked for a similar or alternative services :)

  5. I really want to try this! I hate working out even though I know I should.

    1. I agree.. if there is a more convenient way, then why not!

  6. WOW, it looks like they have a wide variety of services. Just in time for summer time...I would love to try the Lipo Cavitation Treatment.

  7. I've never tried any holistic aesthetics services ever but its results sound amazing! Though it'll be huge on my pocket!

    1. Sometimes when we age, we need some help like this.. but if you have take cared of yourself when you are younger, I think this is just an option for us :)

  8. 10 CM. That's pretty awesome! It looks so relaxing! I'm legitimately jealous of the relaxation part! You looked refreshed too! Weight loss and refreshed, that's a must check out!

  9. That's amazing that they have such a range of treatments at that place. Thanks for the list at the end. I might not do what you did but considering how well they did with you I might consider one of their other treatments.

    1. Hahaha yeah, then you can recommend this treatment to your girlfriends!

  10. Omg, i would def, def, DEFINITELY try this. Specially the arms, they are super flabby.

    1. Its like relaxing and being laidback why something helps you to slim down :) That's like hitting two birds in one stone!

  11. This place sounds amazing! They have so many services.

  12. 10 cm you lost in 1 and half hours. That's amazing.But Blair you look so good.I doubt you had tummy fat!

    1. Thank you Amrita!

      Well I do have (quite a little) especially when I didn't exercise for a week or two, hehehe


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