Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Have you tried a spontaneous dining experience at a restaurant without checking zomato if they have a good (or worst) review?

Actually I always do that.

I never relies on reviews online whenever I want to try a new restaurant for my own review purposes.
Okay, I’ve been to some Chinese restaurant in the Metro, but am telling you my dining experience at Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant is different.

It was one night in May after my work meeting with my friend, when we passed on this restaurant located at Legazpi Village in Makati City (near Greenbelt 2, and Washington Sycip Park). Am telling you that this restaurant instantly catches my sight because, it is truly odd to have a Chinese Restaurant in this street.

So after packing of our stuffs, we decided to dine at Fu Yuan Restaurant and yup hope for the best.
We were feeling so spontaneous and adventurous, so what the heck.

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Fu Yuan (also means “lucky” in Chinese language) is the only Chinese restaurant located at Gamboa Street, and I just found out that they opened it last October 2016. If you’ll happen to passed by along Gamboa Street, you’ll see this restaurant with those typical flashy lights especially during night time.
They served legitimate and predominantly Hunan and Sichuan dishes and we are excited to try them because, we haven’t tried it yet even in some Chinese restaurants.

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

I think we arrived at around 9:00PM and still many customers inside, but we managed to have a table on the side which is perfect because a round table is too much for us two.

Visiting Fu Yuan Restaurant and observing the interior looks like am visiting to my old Aunties home who likes to feed us like we were her chubby pets, LOL pun-intended.

It was a typical Chinese restaurant with nice table cloths and padded chairs, decently clean bathrooms and I like their lamp with those lotus-design.

We got their menu list and here’s what we’ve got:

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review
Fu Yuan Shredded Beef with Pepper Php480.00

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review
Fu Yuan Stir-Fried - Php380.00

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review
Fu Yuan Spicy Diced Chicken 460.00

And soda for our drinks and of course with rice!

Ohhhh no…

It was too late we realized that we’ve ordered two spicy dishes!


We couldn’t help but laugh we are so spontaneous and adventurous that time.

And am telling you what..


Gosh, if you need some pumping up of energy and want to have a more awake mood, you should try dining at Fu Yuan Restaurant because it will truly kick your ass AF.

Take my word on that.

My friend was already crying and laughing because of that awesome spice. He’s French and he’s not used to Hunan foods and it was an overwhelming experience for him.

And also me because – although I love spicy foods (I’m half Bicolana, and my Mom loves to cook spicy foods at home) Fu Yuan dishes are like 5x spicy than my Moms cooking, and its fucking tremendous!

Tremendous in an awesome way. We like the foods, though we have to drinks tons of water after, LOL.

So if you are into spicy foods, I mean DEAD SERIOUS on spicy foods – better dine at Fu Yuan.
When we dine that night, we saw mostly Chinese diners, and that’s cool because it is rare to have a Chinese restaurant in Legazpi Village.

As usual, I took some photos of their menu, enjoy!

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

And let me give you a tip about dining at Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant.

First things is, though it is a Chinese restaurant, the associates/staffs speaks Filipino and English so don’t worry about that.

And second, and the most important part is, bring some cash with you because they don’t accept credit cards or debit cards. STRICTLY CASH ONLY.

Which makes sense.

And hey, if you want to have a spicy game challenge, I bet you’ll enjoy at Fu Yuan.

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant is located 104 Gamboa Street (fronting Washington Sycip Park), Legazpi Village Makati City. They are open daily from 10:00AM until 11:00PM.
For reservation, contact 0906-555-5388

Fu Yuan Chinese Restaurant Review
And my quick selfie before I ended my review.

xoxo, Blair

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  1. We stayed near this restaurant last June before we went to Cebu. We didn't tried it because the name was unfamiliar to us and were like 'let's just eat in Greenbelt' hahaha. Anyways, thank you for this. We might pay it a visit next year. :-)

    1. Yeah, I know right?!
      Its a typical Fuyuan Chinese restaurants, lots of this kind in Hong Kong. Their foods are awesome, especially if you love spicy foods. Their servings are quite huge as well.


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