15 Reasons to Love Being A Single Girl in Fashion at 11.11

15 reasons to love being single

 1. All the money you would have to spend on Valentine's Day, birthday and Christmas presents can all go to those amazing Louboutin shoes you've been lusting after.

2. When it's sample sale season, you don't have to explain to anyone why you keep coming home with multiple shopping bags. Or worse - hide them.

15 reasons to love being single

3. How can you be expected to share your closet space? There's barely enough space for your wardrobe, even after a seasonal edit.

15 reasons to love being single

4. You can stay out a little late and have that extra glass of wine at an event without feeling guilty that you've left your significant other home alone.

5. No one rushes you (or rolls their eyes at you) when you're on your third outfit change and still don't know what to wear.

15 reasons to love being single

6. Nobody is going to question your outfit choices. Your pants are man-repelling and your heels are five inches, but you don't care because you're dressing for you.

15 reasons to love being single

7. You have more time to go on dates with your fashion husband (who will appreciate your new Celine bag much more than any boyfriend would).

8. Shopping trips have no time limits: you could spend all day and night inside Takashimaya or our local Rustans with no one to answer - except maybe plastic cards.

15 reasons to love being single

9. You don't have to worry about a gender-neutral decorating scheme - stack as many fashion coffee table books and burn as many Diptyque candles as your heart desires.

10. Less man-scaping items mean more room on the bathroom shelf for your skincare paraphernalia - and you'll never be judged for indulging in a Boscia black face mask.

15 reasons to love being single

11. You can save a little money by forgoing your weekly wax - but only if you want to.

15 reasons to love being single

12. You never think twice about wearing your favorite Ruby Woo lipstick for fear of him complaining about it getting over him when you kiss.

13. Hungover afternoon Bridget Jones binges will never be interrupted with football.

15 reasons to love being single

14. You can keep as much champs and eye masks - and as little food - in your fridge as you desire.

15 reasons to love being single

 15. Dinner can always mean a Seamless-ed bento box if you want it to.

and the best part is....



*originally posted last February 2015, and republished this November 10 with minor edits.

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