Why Millennials Are Gaining Awareness to Promise Rings

Why Millennials Are Gaining Awareness to Promise Rings

How do you express your commitment to someone?

Some people send gifts, extends hospitality and kindness, etc.

And some give a token.

A token which symbolizes the mutual agreement of two parties.

In business aspects, both parties sign contract of agreements.

But that will be more awkward and a little complicated when we translate it to someone you dearly found of.

Since we are in a digital age, where everything can be acquired easily with almost no sweat at all, it is understandable that some people are having confusions about what to do, in order to “seal the deal” with your special someone.

You may say, “…oh having a mutual trust is enough.” And yes you are right!

But let’s be honest, there are times that verbal agreements are hard to be your basis. Because humans are humans. We can change our minds anytime, anywhere, whenever we please.

In order to at least lessen those kind of confusions, a token of agreement is necessarily.

Promise Rings as token of commitment
According to the The Knot, a promise ring is a symbol of commitment, either to your friend, with your Mom, your future beau, or to your sisterhood.

The definition actually varies, depending on what is agreed upon.

Sometimes promise rings are misinterpreted by the others, but don’t be. You should only focus on why you are wearing it.

And why people chooses rings, over other things?

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In the movie Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw choses having a huge closet over a ring.

Because for her, it is practical. It is what she needed.

But in the end of the movie, she accepts the promise ring from her beau.

Because most of us humans are visual. We always need a physical proof of what is agreed upon.

And also for the simple reason that, rings are more practical.

And since you always wearing the ring, it will be your constant reminder of your sealed agreement.

Papers might be lost, verbal promises are sometimes faded, but having that physical token that you actually carry every single day, makes you hold-on to your promises.

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But rings tend to be expensive?

There should be no pressure on how much it should cost. And of course, you can’t blame those who are born generous enough to give you a hefty priced token.

At Lajerrio, you can choose many types and designs of promise rings that will suit your style, taste, mood, and if you are allergic to nickel, they have lots of nickel-free promise rings ready for you.
If you love promise ring with your birthstone, or something with your name engraved on, or maybe just a simple promise ring band, Lajerrio jewelry have it all.

Recently, many millennials are skipping the 24k gold rings because many find it too tacky and oldie.
But you may opt for a 18k gold plated promise rings for a classier and upgraded appeal.

Whatever you please, you may visit Lajerrio website for more details.

At the end of the day, what matters is not about the ring. What matters is how much you treasure your commitment you’ve promised.

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