Ladies Guide for Wrinkle-free travel this 2018

Ladies Guide for Wrinkle-free travel this 2018

You read that right.

Stress brings us that unwanted wrinkles on our faces and we don’t want to bring that in our next holiday.

More and more women loves travel either solo, with your girlfriends or with your latest beau, and your travel organizer must be almost in perfection and stress-free.

Because we want to enjoy that fantasy in our heads (enjoying that sun kissing our skin while sipping margaritas) while boarding the next flight to Malta.

Whether you're a light traveler or an over-packer, sorting out what you need to bring on a trip is a conundrum we all face. Here’s some of our essential packing tips to help you that pristine jetting.

1. Check your passport and travel documents.

Make sure your passport is updated, you’ve got your travel visa and your flight ticket. If you want to be stylish traveler, you can get that chic passport holder from Jacinto and Lirio to secure your travel documents. Also make sure to have a photocopy of your passport, to carry around your handbag when you roam around the town.

2. Double check your hotel accommodation.

Before booking your accommodation, don’t be lazy to check at least 3 online reviews about the hotel or Airbnb place you chose. Make sure that everything is set and check if you need to give deposit upon your stay (some hotel requires their guests). Of course, we are avoiding any unwanted surprises!

Ladies Guide for Wrinkle-free travel this 2018

3. Pack on multi-purpose clothes

Make sure you don’t over packed. Bring dresses that are lightweight and can easily mix-and-match. Avoid bringing unnecessary loads of accessories and jewelries. If you are going to a city, don’t forget to bring one nice shoes you can wear during dinner, and one walking shoes.

4. Minimal pack your beauty essentials.

Avoiding bring your contouring palette and sets of brushes! Try to learn how to multipurpose your mini bronzer, and your favorite lipstick. Remember those empty mini bottles you’ve stored last summer? Refill them with your essential skincare and labelled them properly.

Ladies Guide for Wrinkle-free travel this 2018

5. Be camera ready.

Instead of bringing your DSLR, try to maximize the use of your smartphone. Don’t forget to grab that mini-portable storage drive for your phone in case you need extra memory spaces for your travel videos.

6. Travel battery and sim card.

Make sure you have portable battery with you for a fuss free travel. Also check online some sim card (w/ free wifi access) available to the location you are heading, or maybe order online in-advance. Some even offer it for FREE!

7. Pre-download all your travel apps beforehand

Make it a habit of updating my travel apps before you jet. I have my GRAB app updated and always have my Google Map available. Also download a currency app to help you guide for the latest conversion and where to exchange your money (in case of emergency).

8. Use a separate credit card for your holiday.

This will help you easily track your expenses, and also take advantage of those reward points!

9. Check your favorite brands and shops online for sales and promotions.

This would gain you idea where to head when you are in the mood to shop. Take advantage of those store and gallery openings, bars and restaurant launch for a discounted offer. It is also a good opportunity to mingle and meet new friends!

10. Get a reliable, timeless luggage.

Most travelers overlooked this, however having a reliable and stylish luggage adds an ultimate experience to your travel. You don’t want to bring your backpack bag to Santorini, right?

When it comes to their preferred travel luggage, the most privileged and stylish clienteles demand timeless beauty that stands out, and dependable durability that supports their jet setting lifestyle.
And no matter what, an Italian heritage brand Bric’s would never fail you. It captures the perfect balance between breathtaking fashion elegance and reliable functionality with its core collection, Bellagio.

Bric's Bellagio Collection

Each piece from the collection oozes with functional style. The compact luggage’s exterior is made of high-performance polycarbonate trolleys in four sizes – light, convenient, strong, functional and handy. Smooth Japanese wheels, a convenient and ultra-light tow, a new TSA lock, leather-coated handles are just a few of the structural pluses of this line. In order to satisfy the need for neatness, comfort and lightness, the interior’s structure has a soft lining with herringbone pattern; both compartments are closed with a zipper and hook respectively to allow perfect arrangement of items and clothes which ensures maximum storage options.

Bric's Bellagio Collection
*comes in various colors that will suits your travel lifestyle and taste

The collection is available in SM Aura Premier, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Ayala Center Cebu. Bric’s luxury luggage is distributed in the Philippines by Beawmont Distributions Inc.

For more details about Bric's Bellagio collection, visit

*This is #NotSponsored post

xoxo, Blair


  1. I have anxiety anyway but when I am travelling anywhere, I feel even more anxious than usual because there is always something I can't find. I definitely need to train myself to be more organized! I agree its important to check your documents.

    1. Yeah this actually happens many times even with my work colleagues. They are so excited a week before the trip, and when they are in the airport, they forgot their documents in the office! hahaha.

  2. These bags look so vintage. I already have four trolley bags but I still want more. These looks like my kind of style.

  3. after read this entry, i notice that i need a vacation...oh working schedule really packed this jealous with you...

  4. This is so informative and will be the wrinkle free if we use all the step & guide info. Thanks for the nice sharing

  5. good sharing dear. thanks for the tips
    luggage tu nampak exclusive sangat ;)

  6. Cantiknya luggage tu , klasik dan classy sangat .. harga pun of course cantik juga kan hehe btq tq for the tips

  7. Cool... You save a lot of my time..
    I really like this kind of this... Especially for travel. Now I need not worry what's forgotten or left behind.


  8. Great tips for travelling. Love the trolley luggage designs.

  9. Great tips for any traveller. Some I would never think about like downloading my travel apps.

    1. It is about convenience and easy access. We understand that there are times travelers are hesitant to seek help to others, and glad there are many travel apps that can help us on our way to our journey.

  10. There are two types of travelers; those who care about nothing and those who care about everything. It's nice to see a guide to organize all the thoughts we need to have in order to have fuss-free travel!

  11. This is a very useful post for so many women who want to travel sans any stress. It is always better to plan before the travel begins. I am seeing a lot of people are ditching bulky DSLRs in favour of smartphones as they are lighter and easy to carry. I always check the credentials of the hotels before booking for the same reasons as stated by you.

    1. Yeah that is true! For now that I have no lightweight camera, I still use my DSLR during my trip. But my Huawei smartphone is the main camera :)

  12. I love that luggage set, it's so chic and looks long-lasting too. Very true about double-checking hotel accommodation. This happened to me one time, and I found myself without somewhere to stay on the first day! Never again.

  13. I think men would find your travel advice equally useful. We suffer from occasional bouts of travel anxiety as well. Being organised always helps.

  14. These are great tips to empower all travelers! I think downloading your apps, especially Google Maps has saved my butt several times. I need to get some more classic outfits, all my are crazy patterns and I have a hard time packing light.

    1. Before the existing of many travel apps, Google map was my savior even now.

  15. I love this article! I'm always the travel planner and organiser and it can be soooo stressful! Im forever thinking I've forgotten something.A little planning ahead can make things so much easier, thanks for all the awesome tips!

  16. Great tips on traveling stress free. I too keep variety of mix and match types of clothes. Keeping minimal makeup with 2 in 1 type of combinations is great idea to save the space in suitcases. Also I loved that Italian luggage as they look very stylish and trendy.

    1. I agree. Okay this might sound a bit discriminating but, travelers carrying stylish luggage then to received amazing service from airport staffs. I think they would think twice to throw a thousand-dollar luggage!

  17. Great tips! I tend to over-pack so I really need to research ways to pack less! Packing multi-purpose clothes is a good start. Blue jeans are very versatile as they can easily match with different tops.


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