Review: DiaForce Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

Review: DiaForce Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch
Raise your hand if you are a Korean skincare fans, because I am too!

I like most of the Korean skincare brand not only they gives me a happy and healthy glowing skin, and also a happiness each time I’m using them thanks for those fun and cute packaging, and also happiness on my pocket – most of them are good investment though.

Another product that I love are face mask and eye patches. I’m already not growing younger and it is now a priority to invest on my youthfulness.

This DiaForce Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch is another product that I’m loving for past months, and now I’m telling you why.

Sometimes I have those puffy eyes, and darker under eye and it is quite annoying.

I’m glad that I found this DiaForce from my favorite Korean skincare supplier.

Review: DiaForce Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

Review: DiaForce Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

This eye patches are packed inside this huge plastic tub. It has an inner lid which helps to keep the patches fresh. The eye patches are approximately 8.5cm long which is quite bigger and better. It can cover my under eye down to the upper part of my cheeks.

I used them before bedtime especially when I have a special event the next morning, and it helps to relaxed my under eye skin and cheeks, making it more hydrated and bouncy. The eye patches are truly juicy, literally swimming in serums which I love! Some eye patches have limited amount of serums inside, but my Diaforce Gold Hydrogel is not!

I can’t stand those skincare with floral scents or anything coz it is quite irritating. Good thing, this DiaForce is actually unscented.

It is very luxurious! Who doesn’t like gold under your eyes and pampering your skin, right?
Diaforce contains 60-sheet of hydrogel gold eye patches.

Review: DiaForce Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

Review: DiaForce Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

This will stays with my beauty corner because it gives me an amazing result. It helps to lighten my dark under eye and reduces its puffiness. Plus it also hydrates my skin, and helps to remove my fine lines. I recommend that you store it inside your fridge, because it is more refreshing to use when it is cold.

Worth buying!

Price: Php 1,600 per tub

Where to get it: Available online at Lazada Philippines, and from Seowha & BH Cosmetics.

xoxo, Blair

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  1. I like that is actually has a gold tint to it!

  2. I'm glad that these glorious golden eye patches have been giving you good results. Definitely a good recommendation for those who need it. ��

  3. I have not used any beauty product specifically for the eye thus far. However, after reading your article, I do see that I am in need of treatment for my eyes as well!

  4. I love using this kind of hydrogel eye patch too! Using it everyday to maximize the result

  5. wow.. that golden eye patches look nice.. i feel want to try this eye gel.. i also have eyeback under my eyes.. =(

    1. I love using it especially when I have an event the next day. Makes my under eye looks better.


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