Unusual Hen Party Ideas

unusual hen party ideas, bachelorette party ideas

Getting married should be one of the most important things that happen to you in your life. It can be so exciting, but it takes a lot of planning along the way. Many women opt to have the last celebration before they tie the knot, and this is often known as a bachelorette or hen party. These parties are normally filled with groups of the bride’s closest friends and family members and consist of fun activities, food, and alcohol. In this article, we are going to give you some unusual hen party ideas to ensure that you have the best day. Keep reading to find out more.

Ever dreamed of being on a yacht with your closest friends drinking wine? Why not climb aboard and go on a sailing trip for your hen party. This is a little different as most alcohol-filled parties take place in bars or clubs but this way you can enjoy the sun and focus all of your attention on your own party rather than having to wrestle your way to the bar.

Yoga Retreat
Fancy something a little more relaxing than a night out on the town? You need to try out a yoga retreat for your hen party. Think about how much fun you’ll have unwinding with all of your friends and get some time to clear your head before the big day. You won’t wake up with a hangover and you’ll have lots of fun while you’re there.


Another unusual hen party idea is to go kayaking with your friends in order to get out and explore nature. If you’re a little more adventurous then you’ll love this idea and you can even make it into a bit of a competition if you fancy it. If you think that you could enjoy a kayaking trip when you are at your hen party, take a look at the reviews on Best Kayak Reviews and see if it'd be worthwhile buying a kayak for your trip.

Soft Play
When you get married you are really entering the adult world for good and so a great way to celebrate this is to become a kid again for the day. Why not rent out a soft play area that will have you and your friends running around, using the slides, and jumping on bouncy castles while you have lots of fun. Your friends will love this and some of the adult play areas even let you drink alcohol while you’re doing it.

Cocktail Making Class
Sick of waiting in long queues for your next cocktail? Why not take a cocktail-making class with your friends for your hen party? These classes will let you make your own cocktails, taste the alcohol along the way and basically get drunk with your friends. You’ll have your own space and an expert mixologist to teach you and you are sure to have the best time.

Makes sure to take on board our unusual hen party ideas if you want to have a great last big party before your wedding!

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  1. Wow, these are some really cool ideas, though I believe that when girls get together they can have fun in anything and everything :)

  2. Interesting ideas. Sailing and Kayaking would be so much fun! Somehow sadly, I didn't have a bachelorette party!


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