POUND to the Rhythm of Wellness at Shangri-La

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One with the rhythm of wellness: Coach Marge Camacho leading a POUND Fitness class at Kerry Sports Manila

Reclaiming our time from the daily grind while balancing a fit lifestyle entails finding quick adrenaline-pumping workouts that deliver results. Whether it’s shaving off weight or bringing back one’s drive, we all long to discover and stick with programs that allow us to achieve our fitness goals in a fun and efficient way.

At Kerry Sports Manila, an emerging workout called POUND Fitness can provide just that. Fueled by a creative and infectious atmosphere, this innovative exercise combines elements of Yoga and Pilates with a Rock star twist. 

Entering a POUND class is like entering a quintessential studio workout, with mats on the floor, and energetic workout buddies to boot. The difference lies in the tool for trade- a pair of drumsticks that act as free weights. The simplicity of this set-up allows each participant to soak in the pulsating beat of the music and follow the cadence of the drumstick beats.  

The class starts by assuming a squat position, which serves as the foundation of all movements as the session progresses. In fact, in a 45-minute POUND class, one would have done at least 600 squats. That’s a loaded workout, considering how squats help build muscle, enhance mobility and balance, and burn fat all in one movement.

As the session continues, rhythm and coordination becomes important. One moment participants stomp their feet on the ground to signal the start of a new song, then after a while, the instructor tells everyone to pick-up or slow down the pace. What follows are a series of side taps, dynamic lunges, and even jumps. The transition for each movement is signaled by the sound of the drumsticks clanking together or hitting the ground in various directions. 

A curated playlist envelopes the workout atmosphere, giving participants an opportunity to unleash their inner rock star. POUND fitness trainer, Marge Camacho, emphasizes the importance of music in creating the workout’s unique experience.

“Pop-rock music remains to be the most popular genre in POUND classes. As instructors, we always see to it that our teaching style and personality shines through with the music and choreography in our classes. After-all, when both elements combine, we can assure our participants have a rocking good time.” Marge shares.

Occasionally, one might find themselves out of sync. But a community of lively individuals and an energetic instructor are sure to give guidance when needed.

Beyond the actual class setting, the benefits of POUND still hold true. Drumming, as studies have shown, relieves stress, boosts the immune system, and makes us happier by releasing endorphins. On the other hand, the group component of the workout also helps increase motivation, commitment, and even deliver results.

POUND Fitness is one of the many group class found at Kerry Sports Manila. Get into the fitness groove and up your fitness game by enrolling in Manila’s premier lifestyle and leisure hub. For more information, you may visit http://www.kerrysportsmanila.com.

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