Enjoy Nonstop Flights Straight to North America via PAL

Enjoy Nonstop Flights Straight to Vancouver via PAL
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Visiting North America wasn’t as easy as it is now. Back then, traveling to the continent meant going through a series of connecting flights flying over 28 hours just to get there. But nowadays, visiting the other side of the globe is faster and easier with Philippine Airlines! Only PAL can fly you straight to New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Vancouver. But what does this mean for the average traveler?

Nonstop flights mean non-stop fun. Gone are the days when you had to endure the hassles of connecting flights. Say goodbye to plane transfers and waiting at the airport. Flying straight to your destination with PAL cuts your travel time in half, giving you more time to explore your destination. Imagine leaving Manila at 11 am and arriving in LA at 8 am. That’s just like having a good night’s sleep! You can have brunch at the famous Republique Bistro and have more time to spare to explore the City of Stars.

Enjoy Nonstop Flights Straight to Honolulu via PAL
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Long-haul flights don't feel as long. Feel the difference when you fly with the country’s only 4-Star airline. Enjoy your long-haul flight with scrumptious complimentary inflight meals, bust boredom with your own inflight entertainment system, and experience the amazing heartfelt service only PAL can provide. This way, you’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to take on the adventures that await you!

Enjoy Nonstop Flights Straight to Los Angeles via PAL
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Discover the Great North. Traveling to North America is a must-do for any vacationer. The continent is filled with cultural diversity, amazing cuisine, and one-of-a-kind sceneries. With PAL’s large network, you can easily fly non-stop to the wonderful destinations the North has to offer! Take a selfie with the famous Hollywood sign in LA, eat delicious seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf in downtown San Francisco, attend a luau in Honolulu, watch a Broadway play in New York, make friends with the locals in Toronto, or go skiing in Vancouver! Traveling there will definitely be worth the trip.

Enjoy Nonstop Flights Straight to New York via PAL
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Enjoy Nonstop Flights Straight to San Francisco via PAL
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Enjoy Nonstop Flights Straight to Toronto via PAL
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The wonders of the North are yours for the taking. Enjoy increased non-stop flights to New York, Toronto, and San Francisco starting March 31, 2019, Los Angeles on May 16, 2019, Honolulu on October 28, 2019, and Vancouver on October 28, 2019! When it comes to traveling to North America, only Philippine Airlines can fly you non-stop to your greatest getaway yet.

For more information on Philippine Airlines, visit ‪www.philippineairlines.com, or follow its Facebook page (‪Facebook.com/flyPAL), Twitter (@flyPAL) and Instagram (@flyPAL).

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  1. I don't often take direct flights because of price, but great that there is this convenience option for people with less time for travel! I will share with my travel friends!

    1. Yes, for some of us time is more costly than money :D

  2. Direct flights are always my favourite. It's so awesome that Philippine Airlines is offering more non-stops to North America. It makes travel that much nicer.

    1. Yes and it will be more awesome if you avail their first class!

  3. Wow, I'm glad that there's a direct flight from Philippines to North America, which is truly a great news. I hope I can experience a long flight just like this in the future. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience flying with PAL.

  4. Very nice that PAL and CebPac already has direct flights to various cities in North America. It used to be that the only direct flight Cebu to Los Angeles. It's a long shot, but we hope to visit US soon---and hike the Pacific Crest Trail. :)

    1. Oh if I will visit the US, I will fly with Philippine Airlines :D

  5. Now that I'm based in Vietnam, I will definitely keep this in mind for returning back to the US to visit friends and family! I'll also the Honolulu route in mind in case I'm ever in the mood to go back to Hawaii :) Thanks for sharing, Blair!


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