Review: Captain Marvel, and being a Woman

Review: Captain Marvel, and being a Woman

Everything that is given can be taken… but not all the case.

Another busy Friday at work and back to IRL. After a long weekend of relaxation and a short trip to Bangkok, I felt refreshed and regained my urban mojo though I am missing Bangkok the moment I stepped my foot to the plane during our boarding time. It was an amazing weekend with my best friend whom I haven’t seen for a while and stayed at Bang Sar community, a downtown district of Bangkok which I believe is perfect for her as a first-timer in Bangkok.

After clearing my work inbox for almost a week of emails, done my usual work and dreaming of my next vacation, I realized that it was a day celebrating the #InternationalWomensDay!

No wonder there’s a free ice cream for the ladies at work.

Being a woman is power.

Being a woman living in a conservative home soil where your actions should be conform to what society is expecting us is quiet stressful for many. Growing-up, I realized that I can’t conformed my every actions to what is expecting to me, and just do things and ways that will makes me happy as a person (sans violating my homeland’s code).

I can do anything as long as I have passion and willingness to do it. No matter what the situation and environment I am in.

Just like I have a normal 9-6 job and have to clock-in on time, 5-days a week and still manage my time to enjoy my other life and passion after work and during weekends. I successfully managed work-life, personal life, digital life, and even my sex life – all of these are well manicured, but took my many years of on-going practice to make my own world.

Review: Captain Marvel, and being a Woman
Thank you Boss!

When my boss gave me a free ticket to watch Captain Marvel at Uptown, I know it’s time for me to break a routine and time to relax for the Friday night, after-all mon amour wasn’t home yet and enjoying 2-hours in an air-conditioned environment while sipping Gongcha milk tea and barbeque potato fries isn’t hurt me a dime.

Though I don’t follow the Avenger stories (just accidentally watched its reply via HBO during my staycations) I somehow understand why many Marvels fans love it (or some hate it). Captain Marvel is a story of a woman who works as one of the NASA pilot, and accidentally absorbs this proton super power during the process. 

But what makes me interested about the movie isn’t the movie or the characters per se. Personally, the lead character is lacking of appeal to be Captain Marvel (sorry Brie) rather, Scarlett Johansson is more baddass for her role. And Minn-Erva (starring Gemma Chan), another woman in the elite special force of Kree, is way more kicking-ass than Brie Larson.

Women have contributed so much in creating many history and for building new generation (and still the men species are still denying that) however, we won’t just sit there pretty on our colourful dress and heels and act like a trophy of our men. In my years as I grow-up, I learned to act a proper lady, with a grip of power in my hands, and use it in all the right way as I please which eventually get what I want at any time, and makes me stand-out from the rest (especially in the eyes of the male species).
Women are always portrayed to be weak, because we let them see us that way. I never permit anyone to treat me such, unless I ALLOW THEM. There are boundaries and limitations, and I learned to control such power that I learned to master for years – power that I use for my own advantage (if needed).

And not all cutesy creatures like cats are so loving and gentle. Beware, coz they have that crazy and scary behavior when provoke. But still managed to stay cute.

Just believe that we can do anything, and never forget how powerful our minds can be and how our brains can do to command the rest of our body to feel motivated to reach whatever we desire and want.

Just believe. And you’ll get the power.

Movie Rating: 3-stars

Review: Captain Marvel, and being a Woman

Movie goer’s attitude in the cinema – NO STAR! This is a typical Filipino movie goer’s attitude inside cinema, I think they think its “cool” to leave their shits behind.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

xoxo, Blair


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