6 Bangkok’s Best New Day Spas

6 Bangkok’s Best New Day Spas

Residents of Bangkok and visitors alike are privileged when it comes to having a wealth of massage shops to choose from – in fact, it seems like there’s one on nearly every street corner. As a result, this vast amount of options can also be intimidating. However, if you really want to go in for some more upscale and luxurious body pampering, this city also boasts a wealth of exquisite day spas and health treatment centers to choose from. Here now is a shortlist of some of the latest and greatest, saving you the trouble of searching so you can get straight to enjoying some much deserved, relaxing “me-time”.


6 Bangkok’s Best New Day Spas
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If you’re hankering for a little bit of nature – and who isn’t in Bangkok? – then look no further than the leafy tranquility of ZENSE Spa in Yarden Yenakat. Partially hidden within a grove of trees, a winding stone path, fringed by manicured foliage, guides you to the entrance. The overall space is cozy and intimate, and there’s no shortage to this peaceful atmosphere. Natural daylight filters in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and sumptuous brown leather chairs pair well with the bamboo exterior. The chic décor sells itself, but the inclusion of specialty coffee brand Craftsman Coffee, as well as an Akart Bistro & Bar, helps to sweeten the deal.

But Zense is more than just good looks. Combining Taiwanese-derived reflexology methodology with traditional Thai massage, you can be sure a visit here will alleviate muscle tension and promote head-to-toe body healing. Additionally, music therapy is also provided in order to encourage further relaxation. Body massage treatments start at 350baht an hour, but if you would like a private room, you will expect to pay at least 950baht for a minimum of 1.5 hours, including a warm herb compress.

Open daily from 10:00AM until 11:00PM
www.zensemassage.com | Google Map 


6 Bangkok’s Best New Day Spas
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Once again, the city’s Ari district proves it’s one of Bangkok’s hippest hoods with its most recent spa opening. And judging from the foot traffic, Chaari Spa won’t be going anywhere any time soon.
The ambiance is chic and modern, decorated in dreamy peachy-pink tones and embellished with lapis blue accents. A traditional Thai massage is offered (490baht) but this spa host boasts tea-based treatments, some of which are customizable. For example, the two-hour Loose Leaf Passion package (1,900baht) combines a one-hour scrub of matcha green tea with another one-hour oil massage, which lets you select from a menu with a variety of tea infusions, such as earl grey, green tea, lavender, red tea, and white tea. Given the quality of service and lavish atmosphere, this spa is of great value.

Housed on the second floor of A-One, a community mall space attracting Ari’s neighborhood cool kids, the convenient location is a reason to go in and of itself.  A-One offers a wealth of food options from Japanese, fried chicken, to curry, and rice, as well as coffee and a variety of dessert shops. After an afternoon of eating and shopping, Chaari’s luxurious spa treatments are the ideal way to unwind. If your feet are in need of some TLC, their Sandal Lover Therapy package (750baht) offers a thorough scrub and reflexology treatment. Leaving your trotters perfect pampered.

Open daily from 10:00AM until 10:00PM.
www.facebook.com/chaatispa | Google Map 


6 Bangkok’s Best New Day Spas
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Inspired by the sumptuous beauty rituals of the women of the Siamese royal court, the luxury brand Erb, has long successfully imbued modern wellness with traditional Thai ingredients and practices. Known for their indulgent but scientifically conscious products, Erb has now opened a hybrid store-spa where visitors can truly achieve “erb-im”, an old Thai expression referring to the radiant glow of royalty for which the brand is named. Located at Gayson Village, you’ll be simultaneously awed and relaxed by the towering floral arrangement complemented by a sage green interior design within the Erb Bliss Room, while a soothing fragrance, extracted from various flowers, wafts from room to room.

The spa rooms are quiet and dimly lit. One of their most popular treatments is the Seven Pollen Golden Therapy (4,900baht), which utilizes gold foil and extracted flower properties known for their healing and anti-aging benefits to rejuvenates the skin; chakra massage is incorporated to boost effectiveness. Bonus: all of Erb’s products and treatments are sustainably developed using certified organic ingredients After enjoying one of their decadent spa therapies, you can shop the store walls, including their Perfume Bar, for products to take home.

Open daily from 10:00AM til 8:00PM
www.erbasia.com | Google Map


6 Bangkok’s Best New Day Spas
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All-in-one spas are apparently becoming increasingly popular, and Lavish Salon & Spa is no exception. Not only can customers enjoy a range of spa and massage services, but this hybrid parlor also boasts fashion-forward haircare, including cuts, colors, and treatments. Besides killing two birds with one stone, the best part is that the rates are quite affordable for the quality of services provided. The front greets guests with a beautiful marbled interior where you can enjoy one of their many salon services, including a haircut (starting from 700baht) and a Korean Hair Treatment (2,500baht). They also claim to be the only salon that offers 100 percent organic color and treatments sourced from plants and Japanese tea leaves.

Further inside, the salon converts to a spa where the combination of Eastern and Western techniques allows guests to enjoy a fully rounded and one-of-a-kind relaxation experience. Treatments range from traditional Thai Massage (540baht), Indian Head Massage (990baht) with warm coconut milk, to a 90-minute Hot Stone Massage (2,200baht). One of their premier features is personalized treatment packages, giving customers the freedom to mix and match treatments and services to suit their personal needs (starting from 2,600baht). Every treatment is done using 100 percent natural products.

Open daily from 9:00AM until 10:00PM


6 Bangkok’s Best New Day Spas
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Arguably the most attractive of Bangkok’s latest slew of spa offerings, Infinity Spa’s laboratory-meets-living room décor comes from a team of designers from Chulalongkorn’s Faculty of Architecture. Part of the science design comes from the day spa’s massage practice of incorporating custom-made, organically-derived essential oils, all of which are crafted in-house. This ensures that your massage experience is tailored to promote fully-body healing and functioning. Their 90-minute signature treatment, Infinity Aroma (1,300baht), combines the benefits of aromatherapy and traditional Thai medicinal properties, utilizing one of their homemade massage oils in conjunction with herbal heat compression. This therapy is said to relieve stress, fatigue, and muscle tension. You also have the option of adding a 30-minute body scrub for 500baht.

In addition to their range of hybrid aromatherapy-massage services, they also provide mani-pedis and facials, the latter of which utilizes the marine benefits of Thago spa brand products. For example, with the Infinity Detox Facial package (2,100baht) your skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated. The package also includes a massage, an anti-bacterial seaweed mask, and a rejuvenating serum, leaving your skin supple and refreshed. Whether you come solo or with a group of friends, this might be the most fashionable and wallet-friendly spa around.

Open daily from 10:00AM until 10:00PM.
www.infinityspa.com | Google Map


6 Bangkok’s Best New Day Spas
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When in the midst of Bangkok’s bustling metropolis, a peaceful respite can be a much-needed solution, and the eight spa rooms at the Park Hyatt provide just the ticket for luxurious serenity. Relaxation begins at the door, greeting guests with a bright, airy interior, while ivory furnishings and marble décor contrast with dark accents. Spa rooms are further enhanced with panoramic views of the city skyline. Unsurprisingly, the posh ambiance foretells hefty price tags, but you can be sure that the quality services are worth the extra expenditure.

This is Panpuri Organic Spa’s second location following their branch at Gaysorn, the latter of which is darker and moodier. However, you can expect the same award-winning service at their latest location, as well. Amenities include state-of-the-art technology, such as crystal-steam rooms and saunas, whirlpools, as well as their signature “experience showers,” which seamlessly combine calming acoustics and invigorating aromatherapy for ultimate relaxation. You can’t go wrong with their 210-minute Pampuri Ultimate Indulgence (9,800baht), which will pamper you from head-to-toe with a foot massage, organic milk salt body scrub, and wrap, massage with Thail herbal compress, facial, and topped with organic refreshments. Their 120-minute Dharana Brisk Body Symphony (5,500baht) is similarly relaxing, combining a foot massage, facial, and personalized massaged, through this option is a little gentler on your wallet.

Open daily from 10:00Am until 10:00PM
www.panpuriorganicspa.com | Google Map

Do you know another awesome day spa in Thailand? We would love to hear your recommendations!

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