7 Hotels Worldwide that Promotes Vegan Lifestyle

7 Hotels Worldwide that Promotes Vegan Lifestyle
Renouncing animal products is becoming increasingly popular, whether in diet, clothing, or furniture.

Motivations for a vegan lifestyle are quite individual, but from a sustainable point of view, plant-based nutrition is much more eco-friendly and resource-efficient than animal nutrition. Animal husbandry causes far more greenhouse gases and uses up more resources than the growing of fruits and vegetables. An example shows that the production of 1 kg tofu requires 925 liters of water, whereas producing 1 kg of beef expends 15,415 liters. Furthermore, woodlands are regularly deforested to create new pasturages, especially in the climate-relevant rainforest. For that reason, some Green Pearls® partner hotels have already integrated vegan cuisine.

From Switzerland to the Maldives – seven hotels demonstrate how colorful greens can be.

Valsana Hotel & Apartments

7 Hotels Worldwide that Promotes Vegan Lifestyle
image: Valsana Hotel & Apartments

Guests being on a diet will be pampered at the Swiss Valsana Hotel & Apartments. The kitchen of the hotel’s restaurant Twist is not only vegan, though; the restaurant describes itself as modern, versatile and healthy. Therefore, you will find a vegan option for each course that not only appeals to vegans. Each dish combines a touch of flamboyance with regional Alpine classics: tofu with pine nuts and mountain herbs, zucchini-zoodles with colorful root vegetables, or homemade blackberry-lavender sorbet.

HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa

7 Hotels Worldwide that Promotes Vegan Lifestyle
image: HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa

In the Bavarian Allgäu, one would probably expect primarily regional dishes such as bacon and Käsespätzle (traditional cheese noodles), but the HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa offers many vegan variations besides classical dishes. The Ayurvedic spa-hotel’s principle is “Eat sustainably, because your conscience is partaking.” Nutrition is generally of great importance here, as it affects our health, as well as the way the food is sourced. In various dining rooms, such as the crystal parlor, regional ingredients are served as colorful slow food and vegan creations.

i Pini and La Vimea

7 Hotels Worldwide that Promotes Vegan Lifestyle
image: i Pini

In these two hotels holistic vegans’ hearts leap for joy: the i pini and LA VIMEA are vegan from the walls to the duvet. As the first holistic vegan hotel in Italy, the LA VIMEA in South Tyrol is a pioneer. The ingredients are regional and seasonal on top. For a special treat, the bio-Agrivilla i pini in Tuscany is highly recommended. Depending on the season, local fruits, vegetables, as well as Italian herbs, and old sorts flourish in the biodynamic hotel garden on living soil. You also find homemade vegan, organic wine here. Moreover, cooking classes are offered with chef Mauro inspiring guests in a playful manner to prepare the plant-based meals at home.

Keemala Resorts

7 Hotels Worldwide that Promotes Vegan Lifestyle
image: Keemala Resort

During the ten-day parades in honor of the nine gods, the entire Thai Island Phuket turns vegan! A sensation that attracts people not only because of the food: Every year people from all over Thailand travel to be part of the colorful and fascinating ceremonies. With impressive – and likewise gruesome – tricks of self-mortification by rods and fire, men and women of the Chinese community ask their gods for health and happiness. As part of the festival, the Mala Restaurant at Keemala Resort offers special vegan dishes. The ingredients are harvested daily in the own organic garden.

Puri Dajuma Cottages & Spa

7 Hotels Worldwide that Promotes Vegan Lifestyle
image: Puri Dajuma Cottages & Spa

One can enjoy vegan, organic food at Puri Dajuma Cottages & Spa while living in typical Balinese thatched roof huts or overlooking the ocean. In the west of Bali, far away from mass tourism, the eco-resort is located in a beautiful setting right by the sea. In addition to many traditional dishes, the chefs of the four restaurants enjoy pampering their guests with vegan food. Especially lovers of Asian cuisine will be happy: among other things, spring rolls, curry, Nasi Goreng, or pumpkin-avocado-salad are available without animal products. The ingredients for the delicious dishes at Puri Dajuma are obtained from local farmers and fishermen.

Gili Lankanfushi

7 Hotels Worldwide that Promotes Vegan Lifestyle
image: Gili Lankanfushi

At Gili Lankanfushi, chef Harinath Govindaraj loves enchanting his guests with vegan and specifically raw food, referring to a whole movement of people who eat without cooking – the ingredients remain raw. In case this is hard to imagine, try Govindaraj’s own creation "chocolate-passion fruit-marzipan-cake." He draws his inspiration for new compositions from the hotels’ organic garden in the heart of the Maldivian island Lankanfushi where herbs, salads, and Aloe Vera grow.

The vegan cuisines of the seven hotels addresses all food lovers who enjoy unusual and special dishes and like to try something new.

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